5 Great Picnic Packages for Picnic-Goers (Checklist Included)

There are as many places to hold picnics as there are personalities of picnic-goers. Do you know the type you usually fit in? A good rule of thumb to identify your picnic personality is through how you plan and pack for them.

Picnic preferences will change through time, but regardless of who you are as a picnic-goer, we’ve got you covered! We have found 5 noteworthy picnic packages that anyone can use to serve their particular picnic purposes:

The Fun, Festive Family


 Two Pillars Unilid Lid Set © The Novus Lab

 Two Pillars Unilid Lid Set © The Novus Lab

Perhaps, the most common picnic personality type is the family – They’re usually who you’ll see with mats sprawled out almost every weekend, enjoying their time together at the park or by the beach.

And since the school holidays are here, what better time to head out for a picnic?

Preparing for a picnic requires a surprisingly large amount of resources. Apart from all the food, you’ll need quite a number of food containers to store them. The problem with food containers is that it is easy for them to leak or break, especially if you use plastic wraps to seal them. You’ll then have a problem with wet, greasy picnic bags, not forgetting how they would stain all the other items in your bag – Not a fun experience for a day intended for fun.

We have a solution: the Unilid Lid Set. What makes the Unilid special is suggested through their name, their “lids” are “universal” in size, thus Unilid, capable of fitting all container shapes, sizes, and materials. Their lids are airtight and non-spill, made of non-toxic food-grade silicone, able to withstand high and low temperatures, and are top rack dishwasher safe.

With the Unilid Lid Set, all mom needs to do once she’s done preparing a picnic dish is to pour it in one of her favourite bowls, seal it with one of the provided lids, and toss it into the bag. You’d be surprised how the lids will help alleviate all worries about spillage, all your family needs to do is enjoy the picnic!


The Adventurous Epicurean


 Picnic Basket © Dragon Nest

 Picnic Basket © Dragon Nest

The Adventurous Epicurean is one who is a very, VERY serious picnic-goer. His mantra will always be “Good Food, Good Picnic”. For him, a simple sandwich meal won’t do, and his spaghetti bolognese MUST elevate his gastronomical picnic experience by adding a touch of caviar.

With the demand of the Adventurous Epicurean, surely his picnic basket must reflect his philosophy for perfection. If that sounds like you, then we would suggest this picnic basket.

The dining basket will contain everything you need for a gourmet meal, allowing you to enjoy great picnic food to the fullest (pun intended) no matter where you are.

This proper dinnerware has everything an Adventurous Epicurean will need, featuring a metal table fit for 4, all strapped in a spacious, durable rattan basket.

It just cannot get any more indulgent than this.


The Cute, Cultured Couple


Bee’s Knees Picnic Buzz-ket © The Garage Singapore

Bee’s Knees Picnic Buzz-ket © The Garage Singapore

 If you’re planning for a date, and that date is a picnic, we would advise you not to attempt to pack your own (Even though you may argue that that is where the fun comes in.). Go for Bee’s Knee’s Picnic Buzz-kets and focus on spending time with your significant other.

A single buzz-ket provides you everything you need for a memorable picnic: Picnic mats, a foldable table, battery operated candlelight, cushions, and enough food and beverages for 2 or 4 to 5 people.

Depending on the menu, you’ll be able to enjoy pizzas, sandwiches, pastas, salads, a serving of sides like truffle fries or chocolate mousse, and drinks. You’ll be able to go for either a brunch/dinner menu or for some light bites.

The catch? You’ll need to reserve a buzz-ket 3 days in advance and your picnic must be held in the vicinity of Singapore Botanic Gardens. Also, you won’t get to keep any of the picnic items and will have to return them once you and your date is done eating and have enjoyed the session.

Still, a pre-planned buzz-ket would sound better than doing everything yourself. Preparing your own picnic for another sounds like a recipe for disaster – Too many moving parts with too many windows for failure.

But if you’re still insistent, or if your partner decides to do it together with you, then go for it!


The Single, Simple Serenity Seeker


Oneless Reusable Bag © The Novus Lab

Oneless Reusable Bag © The Novus Lab

We’ve got the couples covered, but now, what of the single individual? Don’t worry, being alone sometimes can be a blessing. Patience is a virtue: Your time will come too, eventually. For now, be a single, simple serenity seeker.

That means grabbing a simple meal, like a sandwich, and going on your own picnic. Sit down in peace and quiet, dream big for the future, reflect and reminisce on the past. Meanwhile, let the Oneless Bag be your best picnic partner.

The Oneless Bag is pretty amazing. It can be carried single-handedly, yet comes in three distinct sizes, and can store everything from your everyday carry-on items like your phone and wallet to food like cookies, sandwiches and cereal. It really brings the definition of “Hot Pockets” to a whole new level plainly because you can fit one in a Oneless Bag, and put them in a pocket that is big enough.

What’s more, this bag is microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, can withstand high and low temperatures, and it made of 100% food grade silicone. With its multi-functionality, you can bring this bag outside of picnic settings too.


The Tenacious Traveller

TOURIT Cooler Backpack © TOURIT

TOURIT Cooler Backpack © TOURIT

To quote a master in adventure storytelling, J.R.R Tolkien: “Not all those who wander are lost – Especially if they’re looking for the perfect spot for a picnic.”.

The goal of the Tenacious Traveller is to go the extra mile and experience the best places to enjoy their own homecooked meal, no matter how far. And when you are looking to travel, you’ll definitely need more space to store resources on top of the food you’re bringing for a picnic.

That’s why the TOURIT Backpack would be the perfect picnic packing option for the Tenacious Traveller. The bag has an inner insulation to keep food hot or cold for 16 hours and has almost too many pockets (2 side mesh, 2 large front zipper, and 1 on the strap on top of the main opening). These pockets allow you to store all the utensils you need and even pack beverages. You don’t have to worry about not being to open your beverages as it also has an in-built bottle opener.

The TOURIT Backpack is light and durable. It comes in many colours, is priced affordably and is multi-functional for all genders.

So, if you’re the Tenacious Traveller, go forth and find the perfect spot for your picnic!

Oh, and of course Tolkien only said the first part, not the picnic part.


Also, Consider These Helpful Picnic Accessories

Vinaera PRO Adjustable Electronic Wine Aerator © The Novus Lab

 Vinaera PRO Adjustable Electronic Wine Aerator © The Novus Lab

 The best way to enjoy a picnic is to include a bottle of wine or two. The Vinaera PRO Adjustable Wine Aerator is the best accessory to compliment every type of wine for the picnic.

 What this device does is simply instantly aerate and decant your wine, making it taste better. It is easy to assemble and carry around, making it great for wine lovers.


59S UVC LED Sterilizing Wand X5 © The Novus Lab

59S UVC LED Sterilizing Wand X5 © The Novus Lab

The pandemic has really made up conscious of germs, bacteria and viruses in our surroundings. For many of us, we will feel the need to sterilize and sanitise so that we can be extra safe from all sorts of harmful germs. It’s especially so when we have kids we want protected from illness.

The 59S UVC LED Sterilizing Wand X5 will help you battle all sorts of harmful germs during your picnic. The wand is foldable (thus portable), is highly durable and lightweight. What’s best is that all it takes is for you to sterilize anything is to switch it on, give it a wave over surfaces and objects you would like sterilized and you’re all set to safely enjoy your picnic!


No Matter your Picnic Personality, Enjoy Your Picnic! Oh, and Here’s our Checklist…

Picnics are always fun no matter who you enjoy them with or if you’re going out on your own.

We get it – It’s sometimes really hard to pack for one. The list of what to bring can be so long that it’s easy to forget things.

The help you out, we’ve prepared a very simple checklist; all that you need to pack for a picnic, regardless of your picnic personality.

You can download the checklist here.

If you’re looking for more accessories to enhance your picnic experience, you can always check out The Novus Lab.