12 Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts New Homeowners May Actually Want

Because they’re seriously that good.

Moving into a new house calls for celebration! Whether your loved ones have moved to a new place or finally got the keys to their BTOs, the moving process can be overwhelming. But of course, a thoughtful housewarming gift can ease the overwhelm during the most hectic times.

Forget boring diffusers or cups or decorative items that are going to sit and collect dust at the corner. Getting functional, purposeful items are definitely better and more sincere as gifts than red packets or supermarket vouchers.

Here are 12 practical items for everyone, at any price point – ranging above $100 or even below $70 to choose from. No matter what you choose, every one of these housewarming gifts is a winner. And you’ll be invited for chicken dinner again.

1. Unilid Bakeware Lid @ The Novus Lab ($33.90)

Unilid Bakeware lid set - The Novus Lab

Enjoy fuss-free baking with the zero-waste lid for bakeware. Ideal for all your baking needs, this Unilid Bakeware lid fits large baking and Pyrex dishes. It also comes with a leftover dial, which you can use to track which day you prepared or stored the food. Great for tracking leftovers, weekly meal preps, fridge organization. Your friend will never have to risk eating expired food again!

2. Powerpac Coffee Maker @ ($26.90)

Powermac coffee maker

Coffee makers are great practical housewarming gifts for homeowners who need their daily caffeine fix to kickstart their day! This Powerpac Coffee Maker will suit even the pickiest java lovers. Besides allowing your friend to enjoy a cuppa joe, you’ll also do their wallets a favour as they’ll save money when it comes to relying on expensive coffee.

3. The Singaporean Dream (The New Normal) @ The Singaporean Dream Official ($20)Singaporean Dream (The New Normal)

Confused by the complicated rules of other dull board games but still want to play fun, unique board games with your friends? Try out the new The Singaporean Dream (The New Normal) that’s perfect for playing on the go.

4. Mageasy Pholdr Cling-on Wallet Kit @ The Novus Lab  ($67.90)

Mageasy Pholdr Cling-on Wallet Kit - The Novus Lab

This Mageasy Pholdr Cling-on Wallet Kit is the best housewarming gift for your friends who work from home. It offers a card-holder, multi-angle adjustments for their viewing pleasure, whether it’s listening to podcasts or engaging in zoom calls, and a dedicated space to charge their phone without tangled cables, which guarantees instant productivity.

If you’re going in a group…

These ideas are ideal if you’re going in a group because you can split the cost. From high ticket home appliances to smart home devices, the options are endless!

5. Happycall Nonstick coating waffle pan @ Nana Korea ($78)

Happycall Nonstick coating Waffle Pan
Add some life to your breakfast with this Happycall Waffle Pan.

Waffle pan demo

Its unique design makes flipping food easy and convenient and also helps your waffles heat up evenly, ensuring crispy and thick waffles. Not only you can use it to make waffles, you can also use it to toast your bread too! The best thing? It’s easy to clean and doesn’t stick easily.

6. Vacuum cleaner @ Airbot ($85.90)

Airbot Vacuum cleaner

Every new home needs a new vacuum. Constant upkeep is necessary to keep the house clean and tidy. The vacuum cleaner is a safe and practical gift that won’t go wrong – introducing the elegant, light, versatile vacuum cleaner Airbot iRoom 2.0! It helps to reduce cleaning time (you can adjust your vacuum’s speed) and your friend will thank you for it.

7. 2-in-1 Steamboat BBQ Non-stick Grill Hot Pot Set @ Cornell ($95)

2-in-1 Steamboat BBQ Non-stick Grill Hot Pot Set

Say goodbye to food delivery when you have the 2-in-1 Steamboat BBQ Non-stick Grill Hot Pot Set from Cornell! It is fuss-free and it gives you the flexibility to savour both your grill and soup cravings. It comes with temperature control for both the hotpot and grill, which makes it easy for you to grill your food while having a steamboat at the same time.

8. Air Fryer @ Mayer Marketing ($98)

Mayer air fryer

Enjoy fuss-free cooking without unhealthy oils, heat, and messy cleaning. If your friends love healthy foods and maintaining wellness, they’ll love practical housewarming gifts that help them with their diets. Introducing the Mayer’s 3.5L Air Fryer MMAF88, a healthier alternative to deep fryers! This air fryer is great if you want to enjoy dishes that taste deep-fried without the use of unhealthy grease and unnecessary cleaning.

9. Bash Silver Beverage Tub @ Crate & Barrel ($69.95 - $99.95)

Bash Silver Beverage Tub

Party and chill in style with the Bash Silver Beverage tub – made of 100% food safe aluminium that is durable. Pop in ice to chill your favourite drinks while you enjoy every moment of the party! It also comes with clean, cutout handles, making it easy to move your drinks from the kitchen to the parties. Available in two sizes ($69.95 for the small one, $99.95 for the big one)

10. Drinkmate Sparkling Water & Soda Maker @ The Novus Lab ($154.95)


Drinkmate Sparkling Water & Soda Maker - The Novus Lab

Because someday your friends will have guests over and realize that they have little to no drinks beforehand. A soda maker will come in handy and get them out of a party crisis in a flash as it even turns water into fun, delicious drinks. Your friend will save money on sugary soda, and they’ll thank you for it. You’ll also feel tempted to keep one for yourself too!

11. Vinaera Pro Adjustable Electronic Wine Aerator @ The Novus Lab ($250)

Vinaera Pro Adjustable Electronic Wine Aerator - The Novus Lab

For wine lovers, the Vinaera Pro Adjustable Electronic Wine is a good idea for any home. With a built-in electronic air pressure system, all it takes is to put the device into your wine bottle and with a touch, you will enjoy fully aerated wine. You can decide the aeration time that best suits your tastes instantly with a turn of a dial.

12. Fizzics DraftPour @ The Novus Lab ($330)


Fizzics DraftPour - The Novus Lab

Want an excuse to get invited to your friend’s new place more often? Then get them the Fizzics DraftPour, so you aren’t stuck to bland, rough beer next time you head to theirs.

Not your typical beer dispenser, this Fizzics DraftPour helps to turn any style of beer into nitro beer that delivers enhanced aroma, flavor and signature mouth-feel Fizzics is known for. If it exceeds your budget, you can get a group of friends to split the costs – the more the merrier!

Still undecided? We still have additional housewarming gifts, which you may consider helpful.

Here are some of our honourable mentions:

Mini Beauty refrigerator @ Lazada ($63.88)

Mini Beauty refrigerator
When the tropical weather heats up, it pays to have a mini beauty refrigerator in your room so your friend can store their skin care products without having to risk putting them in the fridge, contaminating the kitchen fridge. This one also comes with a small mirror, and they can put their make-up on the go while taking out their cosmetics at the same time.

Philips Handheld Steamer @ Philips ($69)

Philips 3000 Series Handheld Steamer

Light, compact, and easy to use, the Philips Handheld Steamer is your ideal companion to re-assure fresh and odourless outfits anytime, anywhere. The steamer comes with a 120ml detachable water tank, which can steam up to 1 outfit without the need for refill. It’s ready to use in 30 seconds, which means less waiting time for you to steam your clothes or bedsheets.

Does our list of housewarming gifts inspire you yet?

No matter the situation, housewarming gifts should ideally be in the line between utility and novelty. The goal is to find something practical that the new homeowner will love but never buy for themselves.

If you’re still feeling uninspired, perhaps it’s time to check out our catalogue at The Novus Lab.

Which items are you thinking of getting for your friends? Let us know in the comments!