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"Bought a flexpack pro from them a couple of weeks back. The backpack is really spacious with compartments to put my laptop, notebook etc, yet it isn't bulky. Customer service was great and delivery was fast as well!" - Ashley

"Bought a Mageasy folio this time round and forgot to input the promo code so there was no discount. After texting them, the problem was resolved immediately. I sent the email at about 11 at night expecting the reply to come in the morning. Was totally not expecting one at midnight! How efficient can a company get? They even provided an option for me to get a refund and I suggested a discount code for my next purchase which was promptly done. Two thumbs up for their service. Not to mention the wonderful products! - Janet

"I am using the notebook and it is so convenient to bring it out like a normal notebook! I can write and rewrite again without having the guilt of paper wastage like always. There’s also qr code to screenshot and save the notes that we need. It is a great invention overall! Thank you so much!" - Jerlyn