6 New Kickstarter Gadgets To Give You Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind is a state of tranquility or calmness, a mind free from worries or anxiety. It is the most comfortable state which we desire most for ourselves. We have scoured all over the internet to bring you cool Kickstarter products that give you peace of mind. 

Kickstarter Products Are The People’s Product

In 2021, where community is more crucial than ever, crowdfunding is taken to next heights. Kickstarter is a community funded platform for creative projects in areas like design and technology. The Novus Lab carries much loved Kickstarter gadgets that bring you peace of mind.

Discover some new, creative and award winning designs that Kickstarter which are now available in Singapore here:

Healthy Peace Of Mind

Health is a basic, physiological need, and in these times, health is always our utmost concern. We need to pay careful attention to our health, so that we do not develop any long term conditions. Taking care of yourself will in turn allow you to protect and care for your loved ones. 


BetterBack Posture Correcting Device

With everyone working from home, we sit for about an average time of 9 hours a day, that’s a lot of time spent sitting down - this causes strain on your lower back and posture. 

With an effortless 15 minutes every day, the compact BetterBack device can improve your posture. BetterBack is lightweight, chiropractor approved and easy to use. It can be used whenever you’re sitting on a chair or cross legged. BetterBack’s portable and compact size makes it easy to carry and use everywhere, from home, work, sitting in an aeroplane or meditating.

BetterBack was even featured on Shark Tank, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most funded health Kickstarters in the world.

Uhoo Indoor Air Sensor

Uhoo Indoor Air Sensor - The Novus Lab

In the present COVID-19 pandemic, the majority is staying indoors. Do you actually know how healthy indoor air is? With the high humidity levels in Singapore, fabric, wood and chemicals all contribute to the air in your home. 

The Uhoo Indoor Air Sensor is an extraordinary Singaporean invention, it’s cutting edge virus index technology can detect how many viruses there are in the indoor space. It measures dust, temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, nitrous dioxide and total volatile organic compounds (tVOC) in the air. This compact and lightweight invention is easy to set up and use - just plug in, sync and monitor everything through the user-friendly app. With the important data at your fingertips, you can protect your home and your loved ones with ease. 

Secure Peace Of Mind

Besides physiological needs, safety and security is the next most basic need for humanity. Human beings want to feel safe and secure, so why not feel safe - but with added convenience. 

Tapplock Lite 

Tapplock Lite Smart Fingerprint Lock - The Novus Lab

Are you always forgetting passwords or your keys? Want to keep your home, your bicycles and belongings under lock but don’t want to carry bulky keys around? 

Did your digital lock run out of battery again? Are you sick of super slow lock systems to eventually find out that the unlock failed?

In a nutshell, easy, convenient and fuss-free security at your fingertips. You can use Tapplock Lite with your fingerprint, phone app or morse code to unlock with lightning speeds under 0.8 seconds. Tapplock Lite can store up to multiple users and store up to 100 fingerprints. For just one charge, you can use Tapplock for up to 8 months or 1,200 unlocks.

Space Safe

Space Safe Smart Secure Safe

 This technologically advanced safe is not only super advanced but it looks really good. The Space Safe is a tamper-proof safe that allows multiple users to unlock via keypad or biometric access. It also has interior and exterior cameras which you can remotely observe any activity inside your safe and its external surroundings. It has a backup battery power in case of a blackout so that your belongings are still safe.

It has climate control which has temperature and humidity sensors that allow you to store sensitive objects like watches or documents. The state of the art app can trigger cameras, GPS, sound a remote alarm or contact the authorities whenever your safe is in lockdown mode and security is compromised. The app can also control external lights of the safe so that you can adjust it to suit your room’s design.

Comforting Peace Of Mind

Comfort is an interesting concept, it is a physiological need, but when achieved, it also provides a sense of security - and together they bring comfort - leading to peace of mind. 

Couch Console

Couch Console Couch Management Gadget

Want to eat, drink, watch and play games without having to move an inch from your sofa? The Couch Console is one of the most funded design Kickstarters of 2021 - and for good reason. People LOVE relaxing on their sofas, but they want to keep their relaxation area clean too.

The upcycled Couch Console is not only environmentally friendly but also helps you organize your snacks, drinks, remote controls and gaming controllers in the same box. One of the main features is the self-balancing cup holder module, which prevents accidental spills. Another is the in-built charging station, which allows you to charge devices conveniently. The Couch Console comes in a variety of interchangeable modules to fit your needs. With products like this, we can all sit back, relax and fully enjoy our TV rest time!

SleepMagic Anti-Snoring Mask

SleepMagic Smart Anti Snoring Mask - The Novus Lab

We all should really focus more on sleep - after all -  sleep takes up about 8 hours, or a third of our daily lives. Those that snore are more likely to develop sleep apnea, a long term issue that may lead to serious heart conditions because of the lack of oxygen in the body. 

The SleepMagic Mask’s technologically advanced design not only gives you comfort when you sleep but also monitors your sleep and prevents snoring. 

Lightweight and compact, the SleepMagic Mask is made out of an ecological soft high-density sponge that fits well and comfortably. It provides complete darkness when worn so that you get restful sleep. It's easy and portable size allows you to bring it everywhere you go, at home, staycations or on vacations.

The mobile app that measures snoring will also track your sleep, while the mask vibrates according to different frequencies to adjust and correct your snoring. You’ll be able to track how much restful sleep you’re getting via the app. The vibrations to your head will signal your brain to relax your throat muscles so that you have proper airflow and catch those precious Zzzs without any interference. 

Modern Conveniences For Peace Of Mind 

There is much to love about these products, they bring comfort in your home, body and mental state of mind. Fortunately, new innovations are coming out everyday on crowdfunding platforms to improve quality of life - and in turn, deliver us peace of mind. 

Kickstarter projects are community based and people focused. The Novus Lab brings in these cool, award-winning gadgets from all over the world to Singapore and Asia straight to your doorstep. Browse our Kickstarter catalogue today!