Top 5 Antibacterial Tools to Survive the Pandemic

If You’re Looking for an Edge Over Harmful Bacteria, You’ve Come to the Right Place!

The pandemic has most of us adopt habits that may seem just a little bithypochondriac-ish”. Drenching our hands with sanitizers and constantly washing them after we touch every surface and wearing antimicrobial masks are now social norms that, when violated, might get you in trouble.

There’s no harm looking for an extra layer of protection from all kinds of harmful germs and viruses during this season, especially so if you have children. If you’re looking for great antimicrobial tools that can help you increase your survivability for the pandemic, we have 5:

59S UVC LED Sterilizing Wand X5

 59S UVC LED Sterilizing Wand X5

The pandemic has made sterilizers popular. They no longer only help sterilize milk bottles or tools for haircuts but your everyday essentials too. Plus points come with those that are portable as well.

For those unfamiliar with the world of sterilizers, the 59S UVC LED Sterilizing Wand X5 is a well-loved sanitizer among the community. The wand is a foldable (thus, portable) device that can help disinfect all sorts of areas, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

It is also safe and easy to operate, with a complimentary safety goggles that comes along with a set. Just put them on, unfold the wand, switch it on and hover it above the areas you want disinfected and the wand will do its job!

59S UVC LED Sterilizing Wand X5 in use at home

This device is perfect for parents who are looking to make sure potential surfaces their children will touch are sanitized. Their lightweight and portable attributes make for an essential antimicrobial tool for the house, the office, and even for travels.

EASETM Antimicrobial Care Pack (Mask + Spray)

EASETM Antimicrobial Mask Care Pack (Mask + Spray)


This one-two-combination from this care pack will provide you with everything you need to protect yourself from harmful viruses from entering into your body. The EASETM Antimicrobial Mask kills 99% of all bacteria and viruses when they get in contact with it, and the EASETM SHIELD Disinfectant and Protectant Spray does the same thing for your hands while adding a layer of protection when you interact with everyday objects.

Let’s start with the antibacterial hand spray. As its name suggests, the EASETM SHIELD Disinfectant and Protectant Spray has two purposes: To disinfect and to protect. The disinfectant kills 99.9% of bacteria and virus strains in 30 seconds including coronavirus, MRSA, Salmonella, E. Coli and more. It can also help protect surfaces from viruses for at least 3 months or more as it is non-leaching - a characteristic where the surface prevents germs from transferring to another when touched while constantly killing any microbes that land on them.

The EASETM Antimicrobial Mask virtually does the same thing, but with the quality that it focuses on protecting your mouth and nose from getting in contact with all sorts of harmful microbes. The mask is toxin-free, is washable and because it is non-leaching too, it is thus safe to remove with your hands without you having to worry that COVID-19 particles may get in contact with your hands.

antimicrobial and antibacterial spray

This care pack is for everyone, especially when they need to head out and interact with the community, meet friends or even visit homes. A small bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer and an antimicrobial face masks are most definitely must-have accessories everywhere you go these days.

59S UV LED Portable Sterilizer X1

59S UV LED Portable Sterilizer X1

If a sterilizing wand would seem a little bit too cumbersome and you’re just an individual who would love to pack light and carry something small that you can pocket around with you, then the X1 would be your best bet.

The sanitizer allows you to disinfect most handheld-sized daily travel essentials like your phone, wallet, and even masks. It can be used in two ways: a handheld mode or standing mode, providing a hands-free or precision based sanitization experience.

Precision based sanitization with the 59S UV LED Portable Sterilizer X1

The 59S UV LED Portable Sterilizer X1 is smaller than most portable sanitization bottles, making them great handheld tools for sanitizing your hands and objects if you’re allergic to liquid sanitizers of if you do not have access to clean water to wash your hands.

uHoo Indoor Air Sensor

uHoo Indoor Air Sensor


Although the uHoo Indoor Air Sensor does not have sanitising capabilities, it is a vital tool to help measure the quality of air around you and keep you safe and healthy.

This tool has 9 quality sensors and is tied to a smart phone application that can help detect all sorts of air toxin indoors. The sensors include temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, total volatile organic compounds, dust, carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and air pressure.

What do these sensors mean and how do measuring this data can actually mean? Having this data presented to you can help you find the right remedy for symptoms like sinus, fatigue and throat irritation.

uHoo Indoor Air Sensor Virus Index Display

Did we mention that the mobile application and device is also optimised to measure the likelihood of COVID-19 transmissions in a given environment? When tied with the device, the app can measure the survivability of COVID-19 microbes in the air through a virus index. This provides you with information on whether the environment around you is safe for breathing without the likelihood of contracting the virus.

So, who is the uHoo Indoor Air Sensor for? It’s for anyone who is looking to monitor the quality of air in their homes daily. If you’re looking for the first step to cleaner air in your home, then information on air quality in the house will be paramount before looking at what you can do to reduce emissions on various home-based air pollutants.

59S UVC LED All-Purpose Sterilizer Box S2

59S UVC LED All-Purpose Sterilizer Box S2

If you’re looking for a sterilizer that more “all-purpose” situations, then a sterilizer box would probably be an appropriate option.

The 59S UVC LED All-Purpose Sterilizer Box S2 works exactly like those you see in hair salons. Just throw any object you need disinfected, leave for a cup of tea and return in three minutes to collect any and every item fully sterilized from the box.

The box is great if you want to keep your travel essentials germ-free whenever you return from all sorts of outdoor activity. It also works well for parents who are looking to sterilize milk bottles and pacifiers before giving them to your children.

Effective antimicrobial and antibacterial cleaning

The box is simple to use with just a click of a button and is an effective and portable sterilizing solution to be placed around the house.

BONUS: Disney Design 3-Ply Face Mask

Disney face masks for adults and kids


The Disney Design 3-Ply Face Masks will help keep antimicrobial face mask wearing fun for you and the family. These face masks are breathable, fits comfortable on your face and are perfect for both adults and kids aged 4 to 12.

They also come in different styles from printed Minnie Mouse to characters from Toy Story – The children will LOVE THEM!

Never too Late to Find the Means to Keep You and Your Family Safe from Harmful Germs and Viruses

With the right tools, you’ll help those around stay extra safe and healthy during the pandemic. Don’t forget to have a healthy diet, maintain social distancing, and get vaccinated. It’s only when all of us do our part individually that we get to come out of this season on top.

There will always be the right products for your health and wellness. If you’re looking for other types of sanitizers or are looking for other health-related products, check out our catalogue at The Novus Lab!