Rocketbook Explained: All You Need to Know!

Here is everything you need to know about the 5 key Rocketbook types, who would fit them best, what sets them apart, and what they can do!
 Rocketbook Smart Erasable Notebooks
If you’re a notetaker of any kind, you would probably be familiar with the woes of taking notes. Sometimes, referring back to what you’ve written for vital information can be a chore filled with precious minutes of flipping through and scanning for what you need.
It makes you wish for the ultimate notebook – a reusable smart notebook that can help you search for keywords in an instant (Without it having to be an Ipad), or a plain erasable notebook that does not leave ink smudges would sound nice.
Well, have you heard of the Rocketbook notebook? The Rocketbook is a line of smart notebooks that can be erasable, reusable, and scannable to create digital work documents!

Across the Board

What makes these reusable notebooks so special across the board is their features on top of their erasable and smudge-free nature.

Scannable and Assign to Multiple Platforms

How Rocketbook and its App works
 Every note taken in a Rocketbook reusable notebook can be scanned into digital documents with the accompanying Rocketbook mobile application. By marking a series of buttons on every page, you will also assign where the scanned digital documents are saved to.

Write, Scan, Search, Send

Write, Scan, Search, Send with the Rocketbook App
Also, every Rocketbook notebook can help you transcribe what is written on their pages to digital characters through the accompanying Rocketbook application. With a simple system of using hexes (#) next to your headers, you’ll also be able to create searchable titles, allowing you to quickly find details or information in the notes you have written.
You’ll also be able to use the application to attach your notes to emails and send them. This system is a powerful feature that will help boost your productivity and note-taking efficiency.

If Reading Paragraphs aren’t your Thing, Here’s a TL;DR:

Rocketbook Smart Notebook comparison table

Rocketbook Everlast

 Rocketbook Everlast
The Rocketbook Everlast is the flagship product of the Rocketbook brand. It’s a free-form notebook with no specific template, making it a favourite for those who love flexibility and universality.

Every page has guiding dots with an encoded metadata QR code and the buttons you use to assign where the pages will be saved in.

The Everlast notebook suits students who are looking to write down notes and take down illustrations easily. Storing their study notes digitally into the cloud allows them to easily refer and revise what they have taken down. The book’s free-form nature also allows those working in the office to take meeting minutes and to-do lists easily.

It comes in five different colours – Black, dark blue, light blue, red and space grey. You can also get them in three different sizes – Executive (A5-sized, 36 pages), Letter size (A4-sized, 32 pages) and the Rocketbook Everlast Mini (3.5 in x 5.5 in, 48 pages, notepad-style).

Rocketbook Fusion


Rocketbook Fusion
The Rocketbook Fusion differs in having a fixed 42 reusable pages with 7 different page styles. The pages include
  • 1 Task List Page
  • 2 Week Planner Pages
  • 1 Monthly Calendar Page
  • 1 OKRs Page
  • 1 Ideas Page
  • 18 Dot-Grid Pages
  • 18 Lined Pages
See what the inside of a Rocketbook Fusion smart notebook looks like
If you’re a busy individual that needs a simple planner for your day to day or to have a birds-eye view of who you’re meeting and what you’re doing every week and month, then the Rocketbook Fusion is for you!
This particular reusable notebook only comes in two sizes, A4 and A5, and is most suitable as a personal planner more than it is a conventional notebook.

Rocketbook Flip

Rocketbook Flip Smart Erasable Notebook
What makes the Rocketbook Flip different from the Rocketbook Everlast Mini is the difference in sizes available. The Rocketbook Flip comes in Letter and Executive sizes, approximately A5 and slightly smaller than A4 sizes respectively, while the Everlast Mini fits the palm of your hands easily.

This notebook also has the binding located above instead of at the sides, preventing any form of interference when using it.

This reusable notepad is designed for the ambidextrous, with plain white pages perfect for sketches and to-lists without the worry of the notebook binding getting in the way. This characteristic makes them suitable for artists looking to do quick sketches and for parents who would like to take down quick recipes and checklists.

Rocketbook Panda Planner

Rocketbook Panda Planner
The Rocketbook Panda Planner takes the Rocketbook Fusion a step ahead in the realms of planning.
 Rocketbook Panda Planner Templates for All Uses
It is a smart notebook filled with various undated annual, monthly, weekly and daily templates to keep your life organised. It also has other page templates that are used to fully optimise productivity and set endeavours like a page for road mapping or for goals and priorities.

The Panda Planner is perfect for CEOs, personal assistants, or individuals looking to keep track of life’s achievements and company progress. It is also for someone looking to have a guided, pre-drawn template for achieving their goals.

This reusable planner notebook only comes in two sizes, A4 and A5, and is recommended for serious planners – who want to keep track and take control of every aspect of their life.

Rocketbook Color

Rocketbook Color
Finally, the Rocketbook Color is a reusable drawing book for children. The pages for this notebook can be erasable from washable crayons and markers (Especially the Crayola Wet Erase and Dry Ease line of products).

With the Rocketbook application’s scannable page feature, parents and children will be able to immortalise their drawings and not have to worry about paper wastage.
 Rocketbook Color for Kids Drawings and Art
It’s a drawing book and notebook that the children will ever need – No more buying of drawing blocks or piling additional drawing notebooks!

Have You Found the Right Rocketbook for Yourself?

Each Rocketbook notebook is used differently for different people and different purposes. You’ll also be able to personalise your smart notebook with your name or include a message or quote. Apart from the ones mentioned, you can also check out the Rocketbook Beacons and the Think Board X – Both are great tools for teachers.
Rocketbook Think Board XRocketbook Beacons
If you would like a bigger picture of everything that Rocketbook can offer you, you can check out our catalogue of Rocketbook Products at The Novus Lab.