Your Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gift Ideas by The Novus Lab

Finding corporate gifts can sometimes be a huge and daunting project undertaking. If you own a company and have set aside time to search for options or have been someone who was (unfortunately) assigned to scour the internet, you’ll be familiar with the pains you’ll have to go through.

You’ll need to consider whether your gift will be useful, and most of all, meaningful, not to mention all the trouble you’ll have to find out whether they can be customisable.

But before you start your journey and brace yourself to go through all that hassle, we’re here to help! Here’s a guide to finding the best corporate and custom gifts, and some recommended products along the way.

Want to know the best thing about all the products we’re going to mention? They can all be customised to your liking! You’ll be able to custom print your company’s name or the name of your employees for the suggestions we’ll be introducing. So now, you don’t have to search for “corporate gifts Singapore” in Google and click page after page for links.


Keep it Simple

 custom que Bottle - The Novus Lab


The first and foremost rule of a great corporate gift is to keep your gift as simple as possible. Find something that is intuitive – Something that, at a single glance, your colleagues will understand what it is and how it works. The last thing you want to hear when the gifts are being distributed is: “What is this and how do I use it?”.

So, what do we mean by “keeping things simple”? Stick to familiar, everyday objects! Water bottles, notebooks, and even universal digital accessories go a long way for anyone.

Take the Que Bottle for example – It is a simple-looking gift that is easily identifiable as a water bottle. What’s more, its compact nature is sure to wow your gift receivers.

This collapsible water bottle possesses everything a high-quality water bottle should. It is stain and bacteria resistant, BPA-free, non-toxic and leakproof and shockproof. Que water bottle colours are also virtually endless – from shades and hues of blues to pinks and variations of greys. With the Que Bottle, you’ll be giving colourful 2-bottles-in-1!

So, remember: an effective corporate gift is a simple gift.


If it’s Unique, it’s a Plus

Corporate Gift Ideas MagEasy Board and Folio - The Novus Lab


Now, we know that we said that gifts should be as simple as possible, but we don’t mean that gifts should be boring. If a corporate gift is unique AND intuitive, you’ve found yourself a good deal!

You know you’ve hit the bullseye in unique corporate gifting when you hear your fellow colleagues exclaim: “I didn’t know this existed!” or “This looks so special / unique / It’s so cute!”.

The MagEasy magnetic organizing kit by LHiDS Creative embodies what a unique corporate gift should be.

What a MagEasy Board does is that it helps keep all essential tools found on your desk at one place. It’s essentially a foldable magnetic board that has multiple magnetic pockets for different purposes. With the pockets being magnetic, it makes the board entirely modular and “personalisable”, allowing the user to arrange their desk tools how they want it.

It is also ultra-light and portable, making it a good all-in-one solution for those who need to bring their essentials to and from work and home. To make it even more compact, LHiDS Creative also has the MagEasy Folio available, where it comes in an A5 size for those who like to pack light.

If you’re unsure if your gift is going to be something unique, it’s always safe to ask others around you what they think. If you receive generally good reception to your gift idea, chances are, your colleagues or clients will love it.


Find Something that can be Carried with One Hand

custom gift Singapore kableCARD - The Novus Lab

Another corporate gift characteristic that your colleagues will surely appreciate is when the gift can be easily carried around with one hand; plus points if it’s really light and if it’s compact.

Arguably, bags can be carried with one hand – but we don’t mean gifts like bags. What we’re looking for are objects that can usually fit the palm of your hand. If they can fit the palm of your hand, they can fit in your pocket. And if they’re useful enough, they can be brought anywhere to suit all situations as long as they are with you!

If you’re giving a palm-sized gift to your colleagues, you’ll know you’ve succeeded in your hunt for compact gifts by noticing the absence of the gift once given. Your colleagues don’t have to say anything about the gift – They just need to put your gift in their pockets. That would be mission accomplished for you.

One such useful and compact gift choice is the KableCARD. The KableCARD is an all-in-one holder for all phone holders, catering to all cabling needs from Android to Apple.

The card also acts as a phone cradle and has a backlight for the emergency “I dropped my phone in the dark” situation. On top of those two features, it has a SIM extraction kit and all the connectors you need to keep your phone charged.

The KableCARD really proves that big things come in small packages.

Yes, although the absence of your gift is a good indication of how compact your gift can be the moment you give them to your colleagues, be sure to check the bin that they are not disposed of. Don’t worry, we’re really sure that your fellow colleagues will not throw away the KableCARD.


Utility, Utility, Utility

Customised Rocketbook Smart Notebooks - The Novus Lab


Try saying that out loud as fast as possible, three times in a row.

But really, the best corporate gifts are those that are extremely useful. If you give something that will help your colleagues and clients in their work, even better!

You’ll know you’re heading in the right direction when you hear your colleagues say: “Oh wow, this is really useful!” or “This will definitely help me with my work!”.

Getting them a reusable smart notebook is a great idea! Check out the Rocketbook Everlast and Rocketbook Mini.

These reusable notebooks by Rocketbook does not just allow their users to cleanly erase all unwanted notes with a wet cloth once they’ve scanned all their notes digitally through the Rocketbook mobile application, they also have a smart search feature where users are able to search for whatever they’ve written previously digitally!

What’s more, the erasable notebook comes in various sizes, from A4 to A5 (known as the Rocketbook Everlast) and notepad (also known as the Rocketbook Mini), making them really versatile gifts for different purposes.

Giving a gift that can improve the lives of your clients when they work and outside of the walls of the office shows that you care, not just about how they perform, but also about them in general too!


Nothing Beats an All-in-One

Corporate Gift Ideas Mogics Power Bagel V2 - The Novus Lab


If you’re still reading at this point, you’re probably still in the midst of considering what to get. When all else fails, find something that says “All-in-One”.

Noticed that we’ve included the MagEasy and KableCARD as great all-in-one gift ideas? Here’s one more: the Mogics Power Bagel Adapter V2!

The Mogics Power Bagel is basically an all-in-one solution for travel adapters. It’s a power strip that can charge 7 devices at the same time and it works in 189 countries. Don’t let the donut-shaped power tray fool you into thinking it’s too bulky, it is surprisingly small that can fit the palm of your hand and into pockets, making them a unique, useful and simple object that is needed for all sorts of travel (see what we did there?)


Now, You Have All You Need to Find the Best Corporate Gifts!

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