10 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Dad or Husband

One can argue that it’s as hard to find a gift that is both appropriate and useful for dad on Father’s Day. With the day to commemorate the man of the house around the corner, it would be tragic just to get him another mug. But before you procrastinate in gift-finding and end up panic-shopping, we would like to take this opportunity to give you some ideas.

We have 10 different gift ideas that you can get for your dad or husband to show that you really care about getting him something useful:


For his Work

Chances are, the man of the house would spend an average 1/3 of his life out for work. If you give your dad or husband a gift that would help him work more efficiently or look better in his office, you’re telling him that you remember him when he’s working.

Rocketbook Everlast

Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook by The Novus Lab

A very useful tool that you can give him is the Rocketbook Everlast. This notebook doesn’t just have erasable pages (Applicable to only Pilot FriXion pens) that can be scanned using the Rocketbook mobile application, it also has three powerful ways to help your dad or husband boost his productivity: Smart Titles, Smart Search, and Transcription.

Using a system of hashtags (A feature known as “Smart Titles”) next to handwritten titles, the mobile application will transcribe the text in the book to use it as the name of the scanned file.

The application will also embed all transcribed writing on paper into digital characters for each file. You can then search for details of your notes within seconds – A feature known as “Smart Search”.

Finally, the transcription feature allows you to send emails with complete transactions on your man’s handwritten notes.

The Rocketbook Everlast is an incredible notebook that is really useful and reusable for a long time, making it a great gift for Father’s Day that will significantly benefit productivity at work.

Parker Sonnet Ballpoint Pen

Parker Sonnet Ballpoint Pen

If a revolutionary notebook wouldn’t sound like it will tickle his fancy or if you’re just looking for something simpler, a fancy-looking professional pen would do the trick.

This twist-mechanism ballpoint pen by Parker is more than enough to make your man look good in his office. All pens are hand-assembled and designed with a retractable twist-mechanism and medium tip. It comes with a refill along with a premium PARKER gift box.


For his Leisure

If getting a gift for work doesn’t sound like a good idea, give something your dad or husband can enjoy for leisure.

Fizzics Draftpour Copper Limited Edition

Fizzics Draftpour Copper Limited Edition from The Novus Lab

Make dad’s beer drinking experience more enjoyable with this limited edition draftpour!

The Fizzics Draftpour makes beer, regardless of whether they come from the can or the bottle, feel like they are dispensed fresh from the tap. Using Micro-Foam™ technology, the device converts any beer’s carbonation into uniformed sized bubbles, thus enhancing aroma and flavour.

What’s more is that the Fizzics Draftpour is also able to produce nitro-styled drafts from all of dad’s beer styles, including (but are not limited to) IPAs, pilsners, brown ales, stouts, porters, and lagers, without requiring any CO2 cartridges or nitrogen.


Cheer Moda Stainless Steel Ice Cube

Cheer Moda Stainless Steel Ice Cube

But what if your dad or husband is not a beer lover, but would prefer enjoying an Old Fashioned or a simple shot of whiskey? The Cheer Moda Stainless Steel Ice Cube would make a great gift!

Stainless Steel cubes are used chilled, to allow your man’s favourite drinks to stay cool without compromising the taste of the drinks. The cubes are large at 40mm3 , and comes in a set of 2 – Perfect to fit a whiskey glass.


For his Travels

Another area we can think of in finding gifts for Father’s Day is to consider travelling conveniences. An easy commute between places can make or break a man’s day.

Clickpack Pro

Clickpack Pro Anti-Theft Backpack from The Novus Lab

A travelling bag can make or break anyone’s travels. The Clickpack Pro is a bag that makes commutes easier and more pleasant.

This amazing bag by Korin Design combines security, storage, convenience, comfort and beauty all in one bag. The bag is slash-proof and has a TSA-approved zipper lock to keep all of his belongings secure. It also has 5 major storage compartments, allowing him to fit every electronic product in his inventory and more!

The Clickpack Pro is a multi-purpose bag fit for every occasion and distance, making it a great gift for your husband or father!



KableCARD travel adapter from The Novus Lab

A good bag will always come with a great organiser, specifically for cables. To really help him keep his cables organized, we would like to suggest the KableCARD.

The KableCARD provides an all-in-one solution for a man’s cabling needs while functioning as a backlight lamp and a phone stand. It has a built-in wireless charger, and has a 6-in-1 interchangeable cable for every type of phone charging port that is common today.

This cable organizer also has a built-in SIM kit that allows you to store 2 nano SIM cards along with a SIM ejector pin. Finally, our favourite thing about the KableCARD is that it stores so much and can do so much while it fits the palm of your hand.


For his Self-Care

Many people today would believe that no man is more attractive than one who knows how to care for himself. This is why you see more products on male-related skincare and haircare.

American Crew Beard Care Set

American Crew Beard Care Set

For most men, keeping a clean-shaven look only requires either an electric razer or a disposable one. Giving a beard care set like this one would certainly communicate how much you care for how he looks and how he should care for his facial hair and skin.

The set includes a foam cleanser, leaving the beard clean and free of dry skin, a conditioning serum for a softer beard, and a soft balm that protects the beard when it’s being styled.

Tag this along with a good shaver, and your dad or husband would be happy to know that you care for how he looks after all this time (That is, IF he has a beard in the first place.).



SleepMagic Anti-Snoring Mask from The Novus Lab

A Huffington Post contributor once wrote: “If you love someone, let them sleep”. We believe that this statement applies to everyone – especially for Father’s Day.

If your father is without a beard, have no fear, let him sleep easily instead with SleepMagic.

SleepMagic is a smart anti-snoring eye mask that helps the wearer sleep better. The mask is compact and lightweight, making it a comfortable and portable apparel that allows the wearer to sleep comfortably wherever he goes.

It also helps monitor the wearer’s sleep habits and helps alleviate snoring by identifying the snoring profile of the wearer and sending vibrations to open his airways.

So, if you love your husband or dad, let him sleep using the SleepMagic smart anti-snoring mask.


For him in General (NOT a Copout for “I Don’t Really Know what to Get Him”  😉)

If you’ve found yourself in this paragraph, chances are, you would’ve thought that the ideas above would not make for appropriate Father’s Day gifts. But don’t worry, if you’re still uninspired, we have would suggest these:


Happy Bunch Father’s day Gift Box

Happy Bunch Father’s day Gift Box

From just $40, you’ll be able to get an assorted curation of Father’s Day worthy gifts all wrapped up in a nice box for your dad or husband. These gift packages by Happy Bunch come in a myriad of types that serves all kinds of fatherly personalities – from snacks to self-care products.

You can even create your own box with your own items. Just make sure you order by 6 June to enjoy the early bird promotion.


Customised Spotify Acrylic Music Album

Customised Spotify Photo Music Album

If all else fails, we would permit you to get a photo gift; but it must be a special. The Moments Lab’s Spotify Acrylic Music Album is an appropriately thoughtful and heartwarming option to give to your husband or dad.

It is made of a sturdy acrylic track that is personalized with a printed photo of choice and a scannable link to a chosen song in Spotify. The track is printed using LED UV Printing and durable ink for a high-quality finish, resistant to water and fading from sunlight.

All you need to do is upload an image and send them a link to your favourite Spotify song or album to them and they’ll get the track printed and sent to you – all before Father’s Day if you get one now!


We Hope You’re Inspired Now

We really do. Because if you’re not, we will still deny the idea of getting your husband or dad a boring mug. Father’s Day brings a great opportunity to honour the man of the house for his commitment in building and contributing, and being a pillar of support for everyone in the family. If daddy has given so much for the family, we shouldn’t give anything less too.

But if you’re still feeling uninspired, then it’s really time to go shopping at The Novus Lab. Last we heard, there was a Father’s Day promotion going on.