Smart Travel Essentials for Your Next Holiday

Avoid getting overwhelmed by an array of items to pack for your next holiday – that’ll dampen your mood even before you head to the airport! Travel smarter and safer in 2021 with the best travel organisers, travel storage bags and travel dispensers.

1. Paravel Packing Cube Trio (USD55, approximately SGD75)

The Paravel Packing Cube Trio is a must-have travel organiser bag if you want to keep all your clothes tidy and easy to find. With these space-saving packing cubes, it’s almost like traveling with a mini wardrobe, just a whole lot lighter.

These cubes will help you organise your items by size so that you can plan your outfits effortlessly. It comes in a pack of three sizes; the large cube can fit up to five tops and two to three pairs of pants or dresses, the medium cube can fit up to four sweaters and the small cube can fit up to six pairs of undergarments and socks.

At a glance, you can see what’s inside each cube as they come with transclucent view windows at the corner. When not in use, just fold it flat and store them in your luggage.

2. FlexPack Go (SGD228.65 after discount)

Travel with a peace of mind with the FlexPack Go. With a large capacity of 36L and a double layer, explosion proof zipper, it is one of the best travel storage bags you can find on the market. Its 4:1 folding ratio allows it to be collapsed from a duffle to a compact bundle that can be packed flat into any suitcase.

Instantly lock your bag and secure your valuables with the built-in TSA-approved zipper lock or secure your bag to a stationary object using the retractable steel wire coil when you need to step away for a moment. It comes with RFID magnetic strips that keep your credit cards safe during your holiday, by blocking the electromagnetic fields of unauthorised scanners.

3TIC Travel Bottles V2 (SGD87.90)

With the TIC Travel Bottles V2, you can now take everything from your shampoo, conditioner to your make up remover in a stylish and non-bulky way. Instead of taking multiple containers with you in a travel toiletry bag and fumbling with them in the shower, the TIC Travel Bottles V2 is the ultimate travel dispenser that keeps everything in one place.

Each container is 100ml or less, you won’t be caught up during the baggage check process at the airport, which is a common inconvenience for those who have forgotten to check if the volume of their shampoo and soap bottles in their travel toiletry bag has exceeded the limit.

The Tic Shower Bottle V2.0 has three sections for your conditioner, shampoo, and body wash, while the Tic Skin Bottle V2.0 has nine sections that you can use to store your facial cleanser, toner, makeup remover, night cream, eye cream, and serums.

The cylindrical design of these bottles makes it easy to access all of your toiletries without dropping them accidentally in the shower. Best of all, it comes with free refill and cleansing tools, making it easy to transfer your products into the containers and wash them afterwards.

4. Travel Case "SAFE FLIGHT" (SGD35)  

Those who like having all their travel documents safe and in one place will appreciate the RFID and NFC security that the Travel Case "SAFE FLIGHT" offers. It has 12 inner compartments for passports, boarding passes, tickets, ID cards, credit cards, a coin pouch and more.

It’s ultra slim, lightweight and made of superior quality polyester – a travel organizer that is both functional and suitable for a minimalist lifestyle.

5. Travel Packer (SGD129) 

Maximise the constraints of a small luggage space with the Travel Packer. It’s a sleek and versatile travel toiletry bag that makes your trips more efficient and comfortable. It can adopt a standing, high hanging or low hanging position, making it a versatile travel bag organizer that works regardless of whether you are unpacking, in the shower or at the hotel gym.

With mesh pockets to let damp items breathe and dry, it is also ideal for a weekend getaway to the beach. Store your undergarments in the discreet pocket while storing frequently used items in the quick access pocket.

What’s more, it comes with two detachable and leak proof Dopp Cubes – they are mini compartments that fill the Travel Packer and can be removed to be used on their own. Detach it and hang it around your shower as a mini toiletry bag to retrieve your travel size shampoo, shower gel and facial cleanser.


Before you embark on your next travel adventure or plan your dream holiday, don’t forget to get organised early on. Whether you’re adept at packing or shun it completely, you’ll definitely appreciate a nifty travel organizer and travel dispenser that will make your next travel experience a smooth sailing one.