4 Air Purifiers And Mosquito Catchers We Love

With the fear of viruses and Aedes mosquitoes at an all-time high, we’ve shortlisted 4 of our favourite dual-function air purifiers and mosquito catchers to help fight the COVID-19 and Dengue fever paranoia.

Splurge on a high-end one for your loved ones or save some money with a non-name-brand version – you decide. 


SHARP FP-JM40E-B Air Purifier & Mosquito Catcher ($549 after discount)

The SHARP FP-JM40E-B Air Purifier & Mosquito Catcher is an air purifier that has a built-in mosquito catcher to clean the air while providing added protection against mosquitoes throughout the year.

 To reduce viruses, allergens and microbes, the air purifier removes particulates as small as 2.5 microns (PM2.5). For those concerned about haze triggering their asthma, there is a function called “haze mode”, which purifies air by emitting a high dose of Plasmacluster ions (a combination of positive and negative ions) for the first 10 minutes at the strongest airflow setting.

The mosquito catcher uses a 5-step process that gets rid of mosquitoes without using any harsh chemicals. An LED UV light lures the mosquitoes into its narrow air inlet and a powerful suction technology draws the mosquitoes in. The mosquitoes are trapped onto a three-layer adhesive sheet and this eventually kills them. After about one month, dispose the adhesive sheets and replace them with new ones.

MBEN 3-in-1 Purifier, Sterilizer with Anti-Mosquito Mode ($314)

Due to its versatile functions, the MBEN 3-in-1 Purifier, Sterilizer with Anti-Mosquito Mode is the perfect gift for new parents, families, pet lovers and your friends. We daresay it’s a better gift for a housewarming party as compared to a generic bottle of wine.

The air purifier contains two filters; the carbon filter helps remove bad smells while the photocatalyst filter removes 99.97% of the dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, cooking and odours in the house.

The anti-mosquito mode utilizes a 254 nm UV UV lamp and 365 nm mosquito lamp. First, the CCFL cold cathode tube is used to attract the mosquitoes to the light source, then airflow is generated in the mosquito box. The mosquitoes eventually become dehydrated and die. The process is non-toxic, smokeless, tasteless, and has no harmful radiation.

For the sterilizer mode, there are seven leaf fans that generate a large amount of wind, combined with UV-C light that produces low solubility ozone. Ultraviolet rays kill airborne viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause disease.

To switch a particular mode on or off, just touch the corresponding mode button to activate and deactivate it.


TomorrowFly Mosquito Killer & Air Purifier with UV Sterilization ($84.11)

For those who get a mini heart attack whenever they get their electricity bill in the mail, they’ll be delighted by the power saving TomorrowFly Mosquito Killer & Air Purifier with UV Sterilization. Its low power and voltage consumption mean that continuous use every night only consumes 3.96 degrees of electricity each month.

To eliminate mosquitoes, it uses an annular CCFL MgO wire and cold cathode tube to lure the mosquitoes in at the initial stage. Next, the temperature is adjusted through seven large fan blades with 2000rpm large suction agitation and auxiliary suction to kill the mosquitoes in the area.

Small particles, deodorization, formaldehyde removal, pollutants and harmful gas can be absorbed by the photocatalyst layer and the active carbon layer filter.

When the bactericidal function is activated, the lamp head will automatically drop to the inside of the fuselage, irradiate with the ultraviolet radiation and the flow of ozone and sterilize the inside of the machine without causing harm to the human body.

Josei 3in1 Purifier Fan and Mosquito Killer ($99 after discount)

If you are looking for a multifunctional bladeless fan that doesn’t break the bank and can be controlled remotely up to six metres, the Josei 3in1 Purifier Fan and Mosquito Killer might just be the answer.

Besides amplifying the airflow with its airfoil shaped ramp, it purifies the air and even has a mosquito eradication button that you can press to activate the function. However, the low price comes with a catch. You need to turn off the air purifier function and remove the HEPA filter before using the mosquito eradication function.


A quick check on the NEA website shows that the cumulative number of dengue cases for this year (as of 15 Sep 2020) stands at more than 29,000. Also, due to new COVID19 cases happening globally, the fear of a second wave of COVID19 is mounting. Why not take the necessary precautions to safeguard your health by making sure your surrounding air is clean and mosquito-free?