What are Smart Home Devices and are they Better?

Ever since the introduction of smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, decking your house with smart devices has been all the rage. 

But what are Smart Home Devices and how do they make your life better?

From smart notebooks to other novelty ‘quality-of-life smart gadgets’, we found 5 different smart home devices that may grant us these answers:

They Make Mornings Pleasant

Ember Mug. Copyright © Ember.

Ember Mug. Copyright © Ember.

Waking up in the morning can be a long, gruelling process, that’s why a hot cup of morning coffee (or lack of one) can make or break your day. Have you had the experience of waking up late and scrambling to brew a cuppa before getting ready for work, and when you’re done with the morning prep, you sit down with your nice hot drink and…

… sip to a stale, lukewarm abomination?

The Ember Mug strives to make mornings pleasant. It helps keep your favourite hot drink in perfect temperature with a simple a press of a button.

It also comes with a charging coaster that keeps your hot chocolate hot forever. You can also bring the cup of coffee you made this morning through hour-long meetings in the office and still enjoy it piping-hot.

The Ember Mug works and it’s definitely better than any ordinary mug. Say goodbye to lukewarm drinks or burnt tongues while maintaining a busy life in the office!

Or, you can just buy a tumbler – That works well too.

They are Super Scribe Tools

Rocketbook Fusion. Copyright © The Novus Lab

Rocketbook Fusion. Copyright © The Novus Lab

“A good craftsman never blames his tools” is a good adage to live by, but that doesn’t mean one cannot find means and ways to increase their efficiency through smarter gadgets.

The Rocketbook Fusion is one of the greatest scribe assistants you can get today! It’s a notebook for the smart notetaker – with 42 reusable pages that can be erased clean and without damage using a damp cloth.

Once you’re happy with the notes you’ve taken, you can use the Rocketbook mobile application to digitalize your notes. This whole process makes the Rocketbook Fusion a sustainable, reusable smart notebook that will stay with notetakers in school, at home, or in the office for a long time.

What’s more, it’s portable with two different sizes (Executive and Letter sized) with 7 different page styles – Perfect sizes to fit into both school bags and work attachés. What an amazing, erasable notebook that’s better than any conventional notebook out there!

Apart from the Rocketbook Fusion, the brand has also established many similarly spectacular notebook types. Check out the Rocketbook Flip, a great flip-up notebook for left-handers.

They Aid in your Diet for Weight Loss

Lumen Metabolism Tracker. Copyright © Lumen

Lumen Metabolism Tracker. Copyright © Lumen

Going on different weight loss diets has been a craze that has lasted for ages. It is no wonder that smart home devices have become integral to the lifestyles of people today.

We know, we’ve been there – weight loss diets like ketogenic or paleo can be a little hard to adopt for some of us.

A possible solution could be the Lumen Metabolism Tracker. All you need to do is blow into the digital mouthpiece and the Lumen mobile application will profile your metabolism to specify the best diet for your body and monitor your eating.

It even provides you with dietary suggestions every day so that you can live healthily. You are what you eat, after all.

The Lumen Metabolism Tracker is a piece of technology that is scientifically validated through the gold standard of measuring metabolism (Called ‘RER’). It is, however, pretty costly; but if you can afford it, it’s good to try it out just because it beats long and arduous YouTube diet and HiiT videos that may lead you nowhere in your weight loss regimen.

They Ensure you Cook Well

Meater Thermometer. Copyright © Meater

Meater Thermometer. Copyright © Meater

Speaking of diet, the best way to live well is to eat well. Perhaps the Meater Thermometer would be a great kitchen companion for your daily dietary preparations.

Meater parades their titular thermometer as the “Future of Smart Cooking”, and it’s very much rightfully so: Their thermometer is tied to a mobile application that you can use to specify the temperature you would like your steak to be and once it’s done the way you like it, it will tell you it’s ready.

This would mean that you won’t need to guess the doneness of your steak while you’re cooking (Although you can actually check that with this simple trick.).

It’s a great thermometer for steak perfectionists, but if you’ve been in the kitchen for long enough, a handy sous vide machine or conventional meat thermometer can do the job – Same difference.

Also, “How would this thermometer contribute to healthy eating?”, you ask? Some people like their steak well-done so that they don’t get irritable bowels, while medium-rare steaks have less carcinogens – a substance that increase the likelihood of cancer.

So, your preference.

They Help you Sleep at Night

SleepMagic. Copyright © The Novus Lab

SleepMagic. Copyright © The Novus Lab

Have you ever had a roommate who snores too loudly? Or is that roommate you? If your spouse is complaining about being kept awake at night because you snore too much, the SleepMagic Smart Anti-Snoring Mask may be the solution.

The SleepMagic Smart Anti-Snoring Mask is the best weapon against the disruptive and invasive forces of snoring. This lightweight mask (weighing at only 32g!) helps monitor your snoring and sleeping data through a mobile phone application.

Once the mask and app are properly calibrated, it is able to recognize the characteristics of your snoring and send vibrations and signals to your brain to mitigate loud snoring. A normal sleeping mask or anti-snore nose attachment wouldn’t be able to do that!

This mask is both light, portable, and comfortable, perfect for your travels and for use at home too. With the SleepMagic Smart Anti-Snoring Mask, you don’t have to wake up to grumpy faces and grumbles about how your roommate hasn’t slept a wink just because you snore too loud. You get good sleep, your roommate gets good sleep, everyone gets good sleep!

So, What are Smart Home Devices, Again? And are they Really All That Good?

Yes, let’s get to that.

Have you found what these smart devices have in common? You got it – A smart phone! A Smart Home Device is a gadget that is remotely controlled with a smart phone.

There are many smart home devices out there, but whether or not they make your life or home any better is up to you to decide. If you cannot find a good, conventional alternative for that particular smart device, it probably is (unless it doesn’t work). If you’re looking for more quality and effective smart home devices, you can always check out the Home and Living catalogue here at The Novus Lab.