4 Crazy Good Games to Replace Minecraft for Your Kids

These days, it can be challenging to vie for our kid’s attention. If you’re looking to spend more time with your children while looking for different ways to prevent them from getting too glued to nonsensical YouTube videos or from spending their whole afternoon repeating ‘sus’ in Among Us, we have a few suggestions.

Here are 4 CRAZY GOOD games to unplug your kids from the screen (and replace Minecraft):

  1. Rush Hour

    Rush Hour Board Game for Kids
Rush Hour Board Game. Copyright © Toy Tag


Rush Hour is a board game that is intuitive, inexpensive, and (for over 40 to 60 different puzzle variations) really time consuming.

The premise is simple: Get the red car off the grid by rearranging other coloured cars specifically positioned per variation.

With the number of puzzles and increasing difficulty, it’ll take awhile before the board game loses its novelty. Also, the car pieces are metallic and big enough to prevent any form of choking hazard, making it great brain starters for kids at a younger age.

It’s a good opportunity piece for you to play and spend time with your kids, and when you’re not around, a great way to get your kids to work together to solve puzzles! All while doing it without a tablet or a phone. That is, if your kids tend to argue less over playing games 😅.


  1. Legos


LEGOs Large Creative Brick Box for Children

10698 LEGO® LARGE CREATIVE BRICK BOX (S$84.90). Copyright © Bricksworld

I used to have a teacher in school who would support these things. “If you really want your kids to grow creatively, give them Legos.” says Senior Lecturer Mush, famous for her class on Creative Concepts. “Imagination is the best entertainer and life teacher.”.

I agree with her to an extent. I have a nephew who grew up with Legos and it amazes me how he would kit bash a few blocks and call it an “Elephant”. I would always wonder: “How the heck is that an Elephant?”.

He’s an accomplished Digital Artist and Graphics Designer today.

The problem with Legos is they are mad expensive, and there’s no end to them. Let’s not forget how small they are and how much they are a choking hazard for pre-toddlers.

Yes, I know that Legos aren’t games per se, but if you’re looking to get some, just make sure the sets you get are age appropriate.


  1. Scrabble

Scrabble Crossword Game for Family

Scrabble Original Brand Crossword Game (S$49,90). Copyright © Toys r’ Us

Scrabble is a timeless classic. It’s basically dictionary made fun. Form words on the boards based on the pieces you have and score points.

But Timeless classics can sometimes be boring. The plain, stale green colour mixed with blues, reds and oranges, vague rules, and the presence of over 100 letter pieces may seem a little daunting for kids, and, maybe, parents. Also, it’s a game that requires more intellectual participation than active hands-on involvement.

Nevertheless, this board game is a great way to increase your child’s vocabulary (and yours).


  1. QBI Toy Magnetic Modular Block Toys

QBI Toy Magnetic STEM Toys

QBI Toy Magnetic Modular Block Toys. Copyright © The Novus Lab

Okay, quirky recommendations aside, here’s a real suggestion.

QBI is a STEM-certified teaching aid and toy for kids of all ages. It marries magnetic blocks with racetracks, with each block being modular on all four sides, providing over 100 ways to play – Talk about really good tools to keep your child mentally stimulated.

The addition of a family member or peer allows your child to grow in their communication style, teamwork skills, and leadership. For toddlers aged 2 to 4, it improves their logic and eye-hand coordination, for ages 5 and above, it provides an environment for creative growth.

With its versatility and potential, I really recommend this one.

The QBI Toy comes in sets of Plus (39 Pieces) and Mini (17 Pieces) – You can find both at The Novus Lab.


  1. BONUS: (I Kid You Not) The Dishes

No, really.

You would be surprised how entertaining and easy life can get with your children.

Start with anything doable: You set the rules. Teach the children to take out trash at small scales at home – 5 Points; Keep their toys – 5 points. Collate their points along the way and reward them.

It’s the perfect way to teach your children the principals of econom-

I mean, it’s the perfect way to prevent your kids from falling to Screen Dependency Disorder.

Gets the house chores done, unplug your kids from the screen: Win-Win! 😊.


While handing your kids a tablet or phone is an idea to keep them entertained during the holidays, playing non-digital games is a good idea if you want to spend quality time together and are looking to stimulate your children creatively apart from screen time. View our range of curated innovative Lifestyle products here.