4 Must-Haves For Your Gym Session

Upgrade your next sweat session with these workout must-haves. We’ve shortlisted these items that will make your workout cleaner and more pleasant, especially during this period when everyone is stepping up their hygiene efforts.

EASE™ Antimicrobial Care Pack (Mask + Spray) ($19.90)EASE™ Antimicrobial Care Pack (Mask + Spray)

It’s almost impossible to keep your hands completely clean at the gym. On the other hand, you want to avoid microbes on your hands from transferring onto your mask.

Solve this problem with the EASE™ Antimicrobial Mask. Using patented antimicrobial technology, the mask is chemically treated to bond the fabric with active microorganism-killing molecules. Its antimicrobial nature means that substances do not transfer from the surface on which it is applied.

To make it even more cost-effective, you can renew the mask’s service life (after 30 washes) using EASE™ SHIELD Disinfectant and Protectant. Spray it on the front and back surface of the mask to provide an additional 60 effective washes.

TIC Shower & Skin Bottle ($87.90)

Fumbling for your toiletries and dropping them in the shower should be a thing of the past. Especially when you’re using shared shower facilities in the gym – surely, you don’t want to pick up dropped bottles from a wet and icky floor!

Avoid this situation for good with the TIC Shower & Skin Bottle. Not only does it have double-layer leak protection, but it is a lightweight and compact liquid dispenser for your skin and shower products.

It comes with free refill and cleansing tools, making it easy to transfer your products into the containers and washing them when you get home. 

quokka Tritan Bottle Quick Sip ($20.90)quokka Tritan Bottle Quick Sip

Minimise disruptions to your workout and stay hydrated with this water bottle by quokka. It has a one-handed quick opening system that lets you drink in the middle of your workout without the need for you to have both hands free.

Hate accidental spills in your gym bag? Its silicone spout is secured by two u-shaped parts that fit snugly around the spout inside the bottle. This makes it difficult for liquid to leak out of the bottle as there are almost no gaps between the spout and the inner part of the bottle.

You can also prep an iced beverage to quench your post-workout thirst. Just pour ice cubes easily into its wide opening and screw the detachable cap back on.

Quiver X Multifunctional Bag ($187)Quiver X Multifunctional Bag being used in the shower

If you use your phone in the shower, you’ll appreciate the 100% waterproof compartment in the Quiver X Multifunctional Bag. The convenient and accessible compartment also comes with dedicated pockets to keep your toiletries and clothes dry.

Are you heading straight for dinner after your workout? The creators of this bag developed a smell-proof technology to get rid of lingering odours. The antibacterial agent on the bag prevents any bacteria from latching on so that it remains fresh smelling even after a heavy workout.


Before hitting the gym next time, why not prep your gym bag with these items? By doing so, you go confidently into your workout, knowing that you have everything you need pre and post-workout. Get them today!