Quokka Tritan Bottle QUICK SIP



The Bottle for the Active Sportsman.

The Quokka Tritan Bottle QUICK SIP is designed for your outdoor needs. Thanks to its quick opening system and straw, you will always be able to drink even in the middle of your workout without worrying about spillage.

Color: Bondi

Quokka Tritan Bottle QUICK SIP

Key Features  

  • Leakproof silicone spout
  • One handed quick opening system
  • Protective spout cover
  • Handle for easy transportation
  • BPA free
  • Detachable cap 
  • Wide mouth fits ice cubes
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable & break resistant
  • Crystal clear
  • Lightweight

Leakproof Silicone Spout

The silicone spout is secured by two u-shaped parts that fit snugly around the spout inside the bottle.

This makes it difficult for liquid to leak out of the bottle as there are almost no gaps between the spout and the inner part of the bottle

The u-shaped parts are fully removable for easy cleaning.

One Handed Quick Opening System

The one handed quick opening system means that having a drink can now be fast and effortless.

Simply press the button to open the lid!

Protective Spout Cover

The spout cover conceals the silicone spout fully when the bottle is not in use.

This prevents the spout from coming into contact with any harmful bacteria and keeps it clean.

Detachable Cap With Wide Opening & Handle For Easy Transportation

To fill the bottle with ice cubes, fruits or other toppings, just remove the cap and pour into the wide opening. The wide opening also makes it easy to clean.

The handle on the top of the bottle also allows you to grip it easily.

You can also attach a carabiner to the bottle handle to secure it on your bag or bike.

BPA Safe, Durable and Break Resistant

Made with BPA Free Tritan™, it is safe, has better shatter resistance than other plastics and doesn't leak.

Whether you drop it, throw it in the bottom of your backpack or wash it multiple times - it lasts! 

Available in Cool Blue-Green



What you will get
1 x Quokka Tritan Bottle QUICK SIP

Height: 245 mm
Capacity: 830 ml
Weight: 167g 
Diameter of base: 76mm
Material: Tritan
Dishwasher / microwave safe: No 

Watch How To Clean It Here