Top 7 Work and Travel Backpacks in 2022

Backpacks accompany us to many places. Whether you’re carrying it to work or on a short getaway, they are our closest companions when we travel. If your shoulders are aching more than usual, your current backpack might not be ideal for your work and travel needs.

Choosing and buying a new backpack is undeniably a time-consuming process. We’ve made it easy for you with these 7 best work, travel and anti-theft backpacks that are on the top of our list – easily available in Singapore and online!

Sandqvist Bernt 20L Rolltop ($175.70 after discount)Sandqvist Bernt 20L Rolltop travel backpack work backpack

The Sandqvist Bernt Rolltop is a stylish roll-top trendy backpack that boasts ample storage space for your regular commute. Made with water-resistant Cordura fabric, it can withstand unexpected rain and accidental spills.

With its lightweight and flexible padding on the shoulder straps, you’ll find that it sits comfortably on your shoulders without feeling that it’s bulky. The built-in compression straps stabilise the travel bag and reduce the volume when it is not at full capacity so that it doesn’t easily tip over when you set it down.

ClickPack Pro Backpack ($208.25 after discount)

The ClickPack Pro is an anti-theft backpack that is made of slash-proof military-grade glass fibre, making it impossible for pickpockets to slash through it.

No one wants to keep looking over their shoulder on a crowded train to work or while travelling overseas. However, if you have expensive or valuable items to protect, this might just be the best Kickstarter backpack for you.

What’s more, it has five major storage compartments to organise your items, as well as a shock-absorbent double layer thick velvet that fits a 15.6" laptop. The inner zip pouches are removable to allow flexibility in storage of small items like electronic devices and toiletries – proven to meet both your work and travel bag needs.

UNO II Backpack ($161.42 after discount)UNO II Backpack for work and travel

The UNO II Backpack is a functional and durable daypack – ideal for the office or for a short vacation. It allows unfettered access to all your items through a fully detachable work panel that fits snugly into the backpack. This padded work panel holds a laptop securely and includes an additional pocket for mobile phones and small accessories.

The unique wrap-around zipper design allows the backpack to be opened entirely into a single flat surface that exposes the entire contents in a single motion, so you can easily retrieve small items without having to rummage through all the other things in the backpack.

Not only does this backpack have a single heavy-duty zipper with full-metal pulls, but its anti-theft YKK racquet coil zippers lock easily with just one action.

FlexPack Pro Backpack ($237.15 after discount)FlexPack Pro anti-theft backpack for work and travel

The FlexPack Pro is an anti-theft backpack that is slash-resistant and has a retractable steel wire lock to keep your valuables safe. Its spacious interior contains your electronics and fits a laptop securely in a velvet-lined raised laptop slot. No worries about running out of space!

Also, it has an insulated water bottle pouch made of waterproof, temperature-reflective material. This material is typically used in cooler bags to keep drinks hot or cold. With a fully isolated compartment, the items in your main compartment will never be damaged if your water bottle leaks. This feature comes in extra handy when you’re carrying work documents in your backpack and don’t want accidental spills to ruin them.

Consider the FlexPack Pro for your next work or office backpack.

AER Slim Pack Backpack ($193.17)

AER Slim Pack Backpack travel and work backpack

Are you working remotely on most days? If so, what you probably need is a backpack for only your work essentials. At a capacity of 8.5L, this backpack from AER is just big enough to fit your laptop, charger, smartphone, wallet, water bottle and foldable umbrella – everything you need in a work bag!

The durable polyurethane coating that makes it easy for you to wipe it clean is one of its best features, especially if you can’t stand any dirt or rain stains on your backpack. The accessible phone pocket and organised interior compartments also make it convenient to retrieve items fast.

At the airport? Using it as a travel bag? Slide it onto a rolling suitcase and be on your way.

Bobby Bizz Anti-Theft Backpack & Briefcase ($132.60 after discount)

Looking for a backpack that can double as a briefcase for work? Quickly change from backpack to briefcase in just three steps – unclip the buckles, tuck the straps at the back and rotate it. It fits a 12.9" tablet and a 15.6" laptop in separate compartments and can be secured in place so that they don't shift around in this Kickstarter bag.

The cut protection board embedded within the lining makes it difficult for pickpockets to slash the backpack. Store valuable items like your smartphone and wallet in one of the three hidden pockets at the back of the backpack to conceal them from pickpockets – a recommended theft-proof and slash-proof bag!

Best of all, the structure of the Bobby Bizz Anti-Theft Backpack distributes weight evenly across its base instead of at the front so that it feels 20 - 25% lighter. This feature puts less pressure on your spine so that your back won't hurt, especially if you're carrying this backpack every day to work or while travelling.

EVOL 15.6″ Byron Core Water Resistant Laptop Backpack ($99.95)

Weighing 0.7kg, this backpack by EVOL is the best option for those who like to travel light. It manages to achieve a minimalistic feel without compromising on function and is water-resistant – requirements for a good bag for the office.

Its sleek, structured exterior makes it a great business casual bag. Budget-conscious shoppers will be pleasantly surprised to know that they can get this office backpack below $100.


Whether you’re running to catch the train to work or on a month-long backpacking trip across Asia, intuitively designed Kickstarter backpacks give you the flexibility to just go. With everything on your back, you’ve got your hands free to play a mobile game, take photos and pay for food and drinks.

As you’re shopping around, use this guide as a way to discover how your work and travel habits impact the type of backpack you need.