5 Surprising Things You’ll Need For Social Distancing

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the past couple of months, you’ve heard all about “social distancing” and “safe distancing”. The must-haves and must-dos are apparent – but did you know there’s nifty gear that’ll make your life way easier (and safer) during this period? Here’s our take.

1. Your own water bottle

Keep hydrated while staying safe. With Covid-19 a global pandemic, the last thing you’ll want to do right now is to share cups (even washed ones!) with strangers, or leave your glass uncovered in the office/home.

The Quokka Stainless Steel Bottle Solid ($27.90) will keep your iced coffee cold for up to 18 hours, and resist condensation so that the outside of your bottle stays dry when you dry from it.

Alternatively, if space is a constraint, you may want to opt for the cute, collapsible que Bottle. Besides being easy on the eyes, it’s stain and bacteria-resistant, and holds both hot and cold beverages effortlessly.

 2. Air-tight covers

If you’ve been procrastinating meal preps, or lunch for the kids, this is probably the best time to stop and actually do something about it. The Unilid Lid Set ($23.70) comes in a pack of five different sizes, and is an eco-friendly replacement for clear wrap. It’s 100% air-tight and spill-proof, and even lets you track how long your food has been stored.


3. Posture support

Preschool, tuition and enrichment centres closed. Home-based learning for a month. Like it or not, the kids are going to have significant screen time for the foreseeable future… but this doesn’t mean they should be hunched over a laptop while doing so. 

The MOFT Laptop Stand ($39.90) allows them to optimise their sitting posture, so their back stays straight, without the back and neck aches that come with long hours on the computer. No wonder it’s the most funded laptop stand on Kickstarter.

It's also suitable for you while working from home!

 4. Contactless payment

Cash is king… until Covid-19. Where the less contact there is the better, the DAX Wallet ($19.95) shines. The world’s first cascading pull-tab wallet, it lets you scan your favourite card with a quick slide of your thumb, so you won’t need to touch anything you don’t need to.

But that’s no excuse for not washing your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds!

5. Handwashing essentials

Whether you sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice, the BeeGees’ “Stayin’ Alive” or your own cleaning lyrics, washing our hands has almost become our first line of defense against the nasty virus.

But that does take a toll on the skin. To prevent dryness, consider bringing your own toiletries – soap as well as moisturiser.

The light TIC Travel Bottle V2 ($49.90) packs them away neatly, is spill-proof and easy to use. Plus, if you have your own toiletries with you, you won’t need to go near the soap dispenser (which who knows how many other hands have touched) in the malls, hawker, office or *shudder* MRT station bathroom!