5 Cool Kickstarter Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

We rounded up all the brilliant kickstarter products that should be in your life stat.

1. The clever stand your laptop needs

There when you need it, gone when you don’t. The MOFT laptop stand ($39.90) deploys in 1 second flat and packs away just as quickly. Even better, it’s thin as a coin, holds up to 8kg, supports even bigger notebooks and alleviates your neck and shoulder pain.

No wonder this outsized wonder bagged an iF Design Award.

2. A notebook from the future 

If Marty McFly ever needed to jot his thoughts down, the Rocketbook Fusion ($69.90) would be the journal for him. Literally lasting forever, it allows you to put pen to paper, save your thoughts to the cloud – then reuse the very same pages again with just one swipe of a damp cloth.

Plus, it comes with a task list, weekly planner, monthly calendar, OKR goal template, idea list, dot-grid and lined pages… you’ll run out of words way before you’re out pages.

3. Your dream office… wherever

The Think Board X ($48.30) is what traditional whiteboards want to be when they grow up. It lets you brainstorm anywhere and any way – simply peel and stick, let the inspiration roll, scan and save to the cloud. It’s as simple as that.

Now, if only that million-dollar idea comes as easily.

4. The answer to your lid-hunting prayers

There are two things we always wonder about: where is the container for this lid … and where did that lid go? While the first is up for debate (one of life’s many unanswered questions), the second can be fixed with the Unilid Lid Set ($23.70).

A genius kitchen must-have, it fits all shapes and sizes, and even has a handy leftover tracking feature. Brilliant.

5. A tracker to solve your disappearing key problem

Need to run but your keys have somehow mysteriously vanished into the ether? Fortunately, with the Safedome Leather Key Finder ($49), you can keep a virtual eye on them.

Simply attach it to your keys or other valuables, link it to your phone, and buzz yourself instead of panicking or frustrating yourself over the daily hunt. You’ll appreciate it the next time you leave the house.