7 Things You Definitely Need to Beat the Heat in Singapore

The mid-year heat in Singapore has become intolerable in recent years, and it's important to know how to prevent heatstroke and dehydration.

In this post, we'll be introducing 7 great products you can use to survive the heat in Singapore.

Cold Therapy Cooling Neck Wrap Bandana

The Cold Therapy Cooling Neck Wrap Bandana ($14.19 after discount) is made of material that becomes pleasantly cool when wet with water. It uses heat of evaporation to cool down and can be stylishly wrapped around your neck or even used as a headband during your workout.

It’s ideal for use on your body as it doesn't get too cold and is super affordable as you can wear over and over again. Made of non-toxic cotton, you don’t have to worry that it’ll irritate your skin.

It’s also easily washable at home; after washing, just place it near a fan to air-dry more quickly.

EASE™ Anti-Moz Mosquito Repellent

No one likes to itch. Mosquitos are not only tiresome but dangerous too; they can carry viruses such as the much-dreaded Dengue.

Unfortunately, warmer weather has been known to speed up the growth of mosquito larvae - guarding against mosquitoes with the EASE™ Anti-Moz Mosquito Repellent ($6.30) has never been more important in the upcoming months.

The EASE™ Anti-Moz Mosquito Repellent comes in a compact spray bottle that is portable and easy to apply. It provides up to 8 hours of protection and contains no harmful DEET (unlike other synthetic repellents).

Made of a blend of essential oils and contains aloe vera, it leaves your skin soft and hydrated after use.

Quokka Tritan Bottle ICE

Drink an iced beverage and keep the heat at bay with the Quokka Tritan Bottle ICE (from $15.90). With three different sizes and four stylish colours, It’s the perfect bottle to take your iced beverages everywhere.

It has a double opening – one at the mouth of the bottle for drinking and a wider one at the neck of the bottle. The wider, detachable opening at the neck of the bottle allows you to add ice cubes to your beverage easily without spillage.

What’s more, it’s made with BPA Free Tritan™, which is safe, has better shatter resistance than other plastics and doesn't leak.

VIOTEK V3 Gaming Chair Cushion

Stay cool under pressure with the VIOTEK V3 Gaming Chair Cushion ($112.31). It’s made of breathable mesh to allow perspiration to easily evaporate from your body. Coupled with eight built-in fans which run noiselessly, accelerate evaporation and enhance cooling, it will transform your desk at home into a soothing, relaxing area.

Even if you’re not a hardcore gamer, it’s great for long hours of work at your desk – after all, don’t we all need to keep cool to perform and think clearly?

Que bottle

If the hassle of carrying around a bulky water bottle with you is the main reason why you don't drink enough water, you should definitely consider the que Bottle ($37.90).

It’s suitable for cold water and other beverages as its wide mouth opening allow you to fill it with ice cubes easily without spillage.

Finished your drink? Shrink the bottle to half of its size in just one action and slip into your bag or pocket.

HandFan Handheld Misting Fan

Cooldown faster and freshen up with the HandFan Handheld Misting Fan ($26.50). It helps you keep cool for long hours in warm weather with its strong airflow accompanied by a fine mist spray.

The bulit-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery lasts up to 9 hours on a full charge and can be plugged in via USB.  With three different fan speed levels, you can adjust it as desired – it’s as if you’re getting all the benefits of a mini air conditioner without the hefty bill.

Avalanche Electric Ice Shaver

Want to make your very own ice kachang at home? Look no further than the Avalanche Electric Ice Shaver ($139.67). Simply use regular ice cubes with it – there’s no add-on of special ice moulds needed.

Not only does the shaved ice cool you down, making it can be a fun family activity as well with the little ones.

It comes with a safety switch that only allows the motor to run when the lid is closed, so you don’t have to worry about any nasty accidents.


There are few things worse than trying to function in a hot and humid environment.

The obvious solution is to switch on the air conditioner, but if you don’t want the shock of a huge electricity bill every month or to keep sticking your head in the fridge every few minutes, these 7 products will definitely help you curb the heat.