6 Back to Work Essentials to Boost Your Style and Productivity

As workplaces gradually reopen and you prepare to return to your office, why not take the opportunity to refresh your desk space?

Here are 6 back to work essentials that will boost your productivity and help you overcome the inertia of going back to the office.

RocketBook Everlast

If you’re tired of replacing your used notebooks or want to avoid the frustration of not being able to find a specific note from weeks ago, getting the RocketBook Everlast ($56) is a must.

The RocketBook Everlast is a reusable, digital-physical notebook that harnesses the technology of the RocketBook App to digitise and organise your notes with just a quick scan.

Connect to your favourite cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud and your notes will be stored neatly there for your fast retrieval and reference.

MOFT Stand

Banish your neck aches and stiff shoulders with the MOFT Stand ($37.90). Its flexibility allows your laptop to be elevated at two different angles, making it easy to find the ideal height and comfort while working on your laptop for long hours.

The MOFT Stand is a foldable laptop stand that you can attach to the underside of your MacBook or laptop.

It doesn’t have any bulky plastic or metal parts you need to carry separately. Weighing a mere 89 grams with a thickness of only 3mm, it’s ultra-light, portable and most importantly, super practical for those who constantly work on-the-go.

Quokka Stainless Steel Bottle Solid

Looking for a way to keep your coffee or tea warm in the chilly, air-conditioned office? The Quokka Stainless Steel Bottle Solid (from $27.90) keeps your beverage hot for up to 12 hours with its double wall vacuum insulation.

It’s rustproof, leakproof and BPA free for safe consumption.

What’s more, it comes in 24 stylish colours to suit your style, so you don’t have to stick to using those boring ol’ silver vacuum flasks.

Mogics Power Bagel Travel Adapter V2

The Mogics Power Bagel Travel Adapter V2 ($62) doesn’t only function as a travel adapter. It’s also a multi-device power strip that’s designed to be so compact, it fits right into your pocket with no extra bulk.

With 4 power points and 2 USB outlets, you've got more than enough space to charge your laptop, mobile phone, tablet and other electronics at one go, without worrying about the plugs obstructing each other.

It’s great for those who are always looking to maximise their desk space and for those we are sharing one socket point with others.

Quiver V2 Multifunctional Bag

Most multi-functional backpacks are either too bulky or too sporty (and unsuitable in a workplace setting). Striking the right balance between an office-appropriate yet multi-functional backpack is made simple with the Quiver V2 Multifunctional Bag ($97).

It’s ideal for the working adult who is looking to carry a change of clothes for an evening run.

A set of workout attire, a small towel, water bottle and your running shoes will easily fit into this backpack, and its twin compartments means that you can easily separate your workout attire from your work documents and electronics.

Lexon Simple Document Bag (Premium)

The Lexon Simple Document Bag (Premium) ($52) boasts an elegant design that doesn’t compromise on functionality. Unlike regular polyester handles which cut into your palm, the sturdy and smooth aluminium handle eases this discomfort.

With 4 inner compartments that are spacious enough to contain all your items, it’s the perfect addition to your back-to-work outfit.


We hope your office desk gets a nice revamp with our back to work essentials! Remember to stay safe - if you need to get any of the essentials above, they are just a few taps away from being delivered to your doorstep.