6 Products Mums Will Love

Choosing gifts for mums can be difficult.

Let’s be honest – we’ve all been through the depressing comment of “Next time, don’t waste money on this” from our mum after buying her a gift we’d thought she’d love.

As much as you want to get her something practical that she’ll use and appreciate, wouldn’t it be ideal to buy a gift that strikes a good balance between practicality and indulgence?

Here are some on-trend gifts that mums will love and appreciate:

1. UniLid Lid Set

For the mum who doesn’t like to use plastic food wrap – the UniLid Lid Set ($23.70) is the perfect, eco-friendly replacement. Whether you’re trying to cover a large bowl or a small jar, it fits all shapes and sizes.

If your mum is a typical Asian mum, she’s always worrying about food going bad or worse, getting contaminated. With the UniLid’s airtight seal and built-in leftover dial that tracks its expiry, she no longer needs to worry about expired or contaminated food.

2. TIC Travel Bottles V2

The worst feeling in the world is to open your luggage – and discover that all your toiletries have leaked out onto your clothes. That’s why mums often go to the trouble to place bottles of toiletries into Ziplock bags to avoid such a situation.

Want to make it easier for her to pack for the whole family? Save her the trouble by delighting her with the TIC Travel Bottles V2 (from $49.90).

The TIC Travel Bottles V2 is a lightweight, compact and sturdy liquid dispenser for skin and shower products. With double-layer leak protection, accidental and messy spills will be a thing of the past. Best of all, it is carry-on approved - each container is under 100ml, in accordance with flight requirements.

3. Power Packer

For the tech-savvy mum who is juggling both work and household duties, the Power Packer ($54.90) is the ideal accompaniment to her busy schedule.

Ease her frustration of tangled cables and not being able to find the device she needs by getting her the Power Packer.

Featuring adaptable compression panels to cater for bulky items like laptop chargers, there is no need to worry about the zipper getting stuck when trying to close the organiser.

The panels also conform to any shape, making it easy for your mum to keep everything compact, organised and scratch-free.

4. RocketBook Color

For mums with young children who love to draw and colour, it can be overwhelming to constantly have to make space for their drawings.

On one hand, keeping all their random doodles and scribbles adds to the household clutter; on the other hand, putting drawings away or disposing them will hurt their children’s feelings.

With the RocketBook Color ($25.20), mums no longer need to choose between keeping the house tidy or keeping their children happy.

The RocketBook Color is an endlessly reusable, cloud-connected notebook that turns drawings into digital images using the technology in the RocketBook App. Mums can now preserve their children’s drawings with a quick scan and sync them to their favourite cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

6. MOFT X Phone Stand

Make multitasking a breeze for new mums who need to feed their toddler while keeping them entertained with their phone.

The MOFT X Phone Stand ($29.00) is a stable yet lightweight stand that is designed with best viewing angle for comfort.

The 60-degree viewing angle and fast switch to landscape viewing make it easy to switch from answering a phone call to a YouTube children’s programme without the need to grab or hold the phone.

Mums who constantly have their hands full will find this feature incredibly useful.

6. que Bottle

Add both color and functionality into her life with the que Bottle ($39.90).

Made of 100% food-grade silicone, it is safe for hot beverages up to temperatures of 230°C. Hot day? Its wide-mouth design makes it easy to fill with ice cubes for cold beverages.

Soft to touch, leakproof and shockproof, mums don’t need to worry about accidental spills or breakages that may endanger their children.

Best of all, its spiral design shrinks the bottle to half of its size for better portability - mums will appreciate that it fits into the smallest of bags.


That's all, 6 practical, stylish and timeless gift for your mum. She’ll use and appreciate these gifts throughout the year.