Tic Design

Tic Holder - 3-in-1 foldable holder for Phone / Mask / Cards


Ultra-thin, lightweight and washable holder:
  • Store your mask 
  • Use it as a phone stand
  • Hold 6 cards securely

With just a simple flip, TIC holder can keep your masks clean and free your hand in just 1 sec. It is only 6mm thick and weighs 40g - perfect to put in your pocket and bring it wherever you go.

 Key Features:

  • Mask holder - keeps your mask clean
  • Phone holder - optimised viewing experience
  • Card holder - holds 6 cards securely
  • Lightweight, washable and ultra thin

Never set your mask down on the table!

So now that you’ve safely removed your mask by the ear straps, the million-dollar question is: Where do you actually place it?

Putting your mask on the table is a no-no. Why?

COVID is transmitted via respiratory droplets, which can occur even when people are talking. So by having a simple conversation with your friend and family can cause droplets to land on and contaminate your mask.

Mask Holder To Protect Your Mask From Germs

Simply open the holder and store your mask when you are eating outside. Do not put it on the table as it might contaminate your mask.

Alleviate Your Viewing Experience With The Phone Stand

Want to watch your drama, browse news, surf the net while sipping coffee at a cafe? With TIC holder, you can now bid farewell to wrist aches for holding the phone for a long period of time.

The phone stand also provides you with a horizontal 60° viewing experience. With a simple flip, you can free your hand with just 1 sec!

Store 6 Cards With The Card Holder

You can bring all your cards (max 6) - credit card, driving license, ezlink, loyalty cards and even name card with the 6mm thick TIC holder. No more misplacing your cards when you have them all stored in your TIC holder.

Ultra Thin & Light
Size does matter. With only 6mm thickness and 40g, you almost can't feel it in your pocket.

Made up of PU material which can be washed with water or cleaned by <75% alcohol.

It's pocket easy. Simply slip it in your pocket and carry it everywhere you go. Fuss-free, convenient and efficient.

What you will get
1 x TIC holder (Matte Black)

6mm thick