Safedome Leather Key Finder



Locate Your Keys Or Valuables Wherever You Go.

The Safedome Leather Key Finder is made of premium leather and lets you stylishly track your items using Bluetooth.

You can attach it to your house keys, car keys, luggage, purse or even your bags or pets!

Just connect the Key Finder to our free iPhone or Android app so you can locate it while you’re out and about. 

*Includes 1 year warranty.

    Safedome Leather Key Finder

    Key Features

    • Premium soft leather casing
    • Ring your missing keys with your phone
    • See your keys or bags on a map
    • Alerts and notifications if your items go missing
    • Replacement CR 2032 battery
    • Water resistant

    Replaceable Battery

    The Key Finder ships with a replaceable CR 2032 battery. The battery lasts around 12 months with normal usage.

    That means you don’t need to purchase a new key finder when your Key Finder is out of battery. 

    Luxurious Look and Feel

    The Key Finder is made of premium soft leather that feels and looks luxurious.

    It matches your style perfectly. 

    Great Bluetooth Range

    The Key Finder uses the Bluetooth 5, which is the latest technology.

    Track your items outdoors at 100m or more or indoors at 50m or more. 

    User-friendly Mobile App

    The free Safedome companion app is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

    You can ring the Key Finder using the Safedome app. Depending on how far you are from your item, the internal buzzer rings at 85db. 

    Connect to the Safedome App in 4 Simple Steps 

    Step 1

    Attach your Key Finder to the items that you want to track. 

    Step 2

    Download the Safedome App on the App Store or Google Play. Connect the Key Finder to the Safedome App via Bluetooth. No cables needed. 

    Step 3

    Save locations for places like Home or Work and set up custom alerts if you leave a saved location without an important item. 

    Step 4

    If you’ve lost your item, check the app for the last known location of your Key Finder and get directions to retrieve your item. 

    What you will get
    1 x Key Finder
    1 x Replaceable CR 2032 Battery
    1 x Quick Start Guide

    Size: 10.5cm x 4.6cm x 1.2cm
    Weight: 18 grams
    Bluetooth range: Outdoor 100m or more, Indoor 50m or more
    Battery: 12 months with normal usage, replaceable CR2025 battery
    Water resistant
    Replaceable Battery
    Sound/volume: 90 decibels