Vinaera Travel Portable Electric Wine Aerator



The World's Smallest Portable Electric Wine Aerator!

With the simple pressing of a button, your wine of choice is instantly aerated, which immediately saves you up to 45-60 minutes of waiting time required for decanting with a traditional decanter.

Suitable for young wine between 3-7 years of age as well as 80% of red wine. Besides effectively promoting the oxidation of tannins in the wine, it also lowers the bitter and varied taste upon drinking, as it instantly opens up its aroma.

Save hours of decanting time with Vinaera Travel. Enjoy your wine outdoors, on gatherings or parties and even bring it with you on your overseas trip.

Color: White

The World's Smallest Portable Electric Wine Aerator

Same effect as a decanter with instant aeration. This small but powerful wine aerator is a great companion for all occasions. You can instantly enjoy your wine's full flavours with just a push of a button.

Key Features

  • One touch instant decanting
  • Durable, stainless steel telescoping tube with integrated ultra-micro air pump with solenoid valve 
  • Suitable for 99% of .75l of bottles
  • Waterproof, easy to clean
  • Small, lightweight and portable
  • Suitable for outdoor, parties and travelling

Traditional decanting can be a hassle,
Vinaera Travel makes it more convenient for you!

While both the traditional decanter and aerator serve to allow oxygen to interact with a wine, the key difference is time.

An aerator passes wine through a nozzle which allows this process to take place instantaneously, while a wine can take much longer to be decanted through a traditional decanter.

With the use of an electric wine aerator like Vinaera Travel, you no longer have to wait to drink your wine in optimal conditions.

One touch instant decanting

With the simple pressing of a button, your wine of choice is instantly aerated, which immediately saves you up to 45-60 minutes of waiting time required for decanting with a traditional decanter.

Easy to assemble, ready to use

Instantly enjoy the full flavour of your wine without the mess of traditional aerators.

Simply connect the tube to the device, extend the tube, install the device on the bottle and press to dispense your favourite wine.

Instantly aerate wine with no waiting time required

Works with different types of wine

Vinaera Travel not only removes tannins and lowers the bitter and varied taste from red wine, it also helps release the aroma for white wine and reduces harshness in whisky.

Fits 99% of 0.75l of wine bottles

Most wine bottles' mouth have an inner diameter of international standard (18.5mm). The Vinaera Travel is able to fit most of them, making it ideal to use it with any wine bottles.

Easy to clean

Just rinse with water and it's as good as new!

Portable, easy to carry

It only weighs 125g - nearly ½ the weight of a cell phone, making it really convenient to bring it along with you anytime.

See why the press loves it too

"The fact of the matter is, even if it didn't aerate the wine, the Aervana (Vinaera) would still be extremely cool. But Aervana (Vinaera) does aerate the wine, and it makes a big difference." - The Daily Meal

"Aervana (Vinaera) definitely takes wine tasting to a whole new level." - CNBC

"Unlike manual aerators which require more work, Aervana (Vinaera) takes the guesswork out of decanting your wine and serves a perfect glass with ease." - Business Insider

Simple and easy to assemble and use

Enjoy the flexibility of wine outdoors, on gatherings or when you are on the go with the Vinaera Travel

Professional Sommelier’s Review

La Chapelle Wine Boutique- Founder : BRETTUS

ISG L2 / UK WSET L4 Candidate "The general table wine decanting time is 45-60 minutes. The Vinaera provides high speed aeration with the ideal mix of air and wine. It instantly opens the full flavour profile of any wine."

Get your Vinaera Travel today!

Unleash the full potential of your wine with Vinaera Travel. It only requires 4 AAA batteries and it can last for more than 40 bottles. Take it along with you on your next gathering!

What you'll get:

1x Vinaera Travel Portable Wine Aerator (colour of your choice)

Dimensions Main Body: L95.5mm x W47.5mm x H109.5mm

Telescoping Stainless Tube: L127~265mm

Material: ABS, Silicone Rubber, Stainless, Pump, Solenoid Valve