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Bubblingplus Surprise Bottle



Bubblingplus Surprise Bottle is the ONLY gas-infused device on the market that allows N2O, N2, and CO2 cartridges!

The "micro-bubbles" created by Bubblingplus Surprise Bottle give you a creamy and tantalizing sensation in your mouth. It brings your beverage drinking experience to a brand new level.

Beverages Creation Examples: Nitro Cold brew coffee/tea, Flavored Iced Coffee, Whipped cream/Milk foam, Carbonated beverages, Sparkling Water, Cocktails/Mocktails, Milkshakes, Wines Aeration & Liquor Flavor Enhancement.

Color: Black

The World's First & Only All-In-One Beverage Device To Aerate Wine, Carbonate Water/Drinks & Create Nitro Cold Brew Coffee/Beer!

Key Features

  • Customize any delicious drinks
  • Anti-leak, stays pressurised for several days
  • No electricity or batteries required
  • Wide opening, easy to operate and clean
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Suitable for indoor and parties
  • Works with any food-grade N2O (8g), CO2 (8g), & N2 (2g) cartridges

Countless creation of cold beverage drinks in one device!

If you love sparkling/ carbonated drinks, or nitro-style coffee/ beer or even aerated wine, the Bubblingplus is your go-to device!

Bubblingplus is the world's ONLY gas-infused device on the market that allows N2O, N2, and CO2 cartridges.

Make delicious drinks, anywhere, anytime:
- nitro cold brew coffee
- carbonated drinks
- sparkling water
- wine aeration
- bubbly cider 
- milkshake
- craft beer

Patented design, lightweight and portable

Patented gas and liquid slow flow system that provide stablised output pressure and infuse gas and liquid in less than a minute, instantly enhancing the goodness of any drink.

Double threaded cap design with airtight seal keeps leftover drinks completely pressurized for up to 3 days in the refrigerator, without losing its gas and bubbles.

Create sparkling water or any carbonated drinks

Want a more fizzy and crisp taste for your homemade beverages? Insert a Carbon-Dioxide (CO2) cartridge into your Bubblingplus and you can enjoy a fresh infused sensation within seconds!

Works with water, flat soda, mocktail, cocktails, juice, iced tea, wine, and more!

Enjoy a nitro cold brew coffee anytime

Skip the Starbucks or Coffee bean queue, insert the N2O cartridge into your Bubblingplus and give your coffee a velvety texture and smooth finish.

With the 'Sweet Foam', the bitterness of cold brew coffee or tea can be eliminated without adding any cream or sugar. 

Enhance the flavour of your wine

The oxidation that occurs as the wine passes through the Bubblingplus with a N2O cartridge can help soften flavors and release aromas in your wine, thereby bringing it to its full potential.

Instead of pouring your bottle into a decanter and letting it sit, you can enjoy aerated wine from Bubblingplus immediately!

Elevate the taste of your liquor

Bubblingplus works well with hard liquor too. The molecular reaction creates a refined and more complex taste. This will bring the hard liquor tasting experience to the next level!

How it works


Bring Bubblingplus anywhere, from parties to picnics! 

What you'll get:

1x Bubblingplus (color of your choice)

- Dimensions: (L)180 x (W)120 x (H)438 mm
- Weight: 2.3 kg - Capacity: 1.2 L
- Material Composition: 304 stainless steel, food grade silicone, food grade plastic, aluminum, Iron, low-lead environmentally friendly copper

◆Please do not use warm or hot beverages.
◆Please do not use beverages containing pulps or solids.
◆Please make sure the pressure inside the product is fully released through the dispense faucet before opening or applying a new cartridge.