We're The Official Distributor of MagEasy in SG & MY!

The Novus Lab is proud to be the official distributor of MagEasy™ by LHiDS (Love Hidden in Details) in Singapore & Malaysia!

LHiDS has launched many other projects on both Kickstarter and their website. These products include MagEasy™ Hybrid Workstation, Pholdr Magnetic Phone Holder, and various magnetic organizing accessories – some of which are carried in our current catalogue!

So... Why MagEasy?

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The growing agility of life and demand for workplace mobility demands a quicker adaptation of our daily accessories. Work can be chaotic at times, as we already have a million things to catch up on, from following up emails to finishing that urgent proposal.

The last thing you want is to deal with missing stationaries, notes, name cards or cables that hinder your work progress.

Research has shown that decluttering and having an organized workplace helps reduce stress, enhancing your work efficiency. Boost your productivity while you focus and slay your essential tasks with MagEasy!

The MagEasy Board & Folio* provides customizable and expendable magnets that allow you to store and organize your frequently used items.

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*Available for customization in five colours.

How did MagEasy come about?

MagEasy was created with a goal in mind – to simplify and optimize people's lives through good design and intuitive organizing features.

In 2020, the first MagEasy product - the MagEasy Modular Magnetic Organizing Kit was born with the help of a Kickstarter project. This product garnered over 3000+ backers and was also awarded the 2020 Red Dot Design Award!

Find out why we love MagEasy and how smart it is in helping us increase our productivity with an organized workplace:

1. Strong and durable magnets

We love the MagEasy Board and Folio because it comes with magnets, which holds your items firmly and securely in place when you are out running an errand. The magnets are also TSA-approved, making them perfect companions when traveling.

2. Versatility

The magnets in the Mageasy board and folio comes in different shapes and sizes which means you can use it for many purposes – from cable tie to fridge magnets; it can even keep small items such as your keys together.

3. Portability

LHiDS has designed its products with portability in mind. The MagEasy Folio is sleek and doesn't take up much space, which means you can carry it around with you without unnecessary bulk.

4. Sticks to any fridges

LHiDS has designed its products with portability in mind. The MagEasy Folio is sleek and doesn't take up much space, which means you can carry it around with you without unnecessary bulk.

You can also turn your MagEasy Board into a photo board, or even stick notes or reminders on it so you can keep your essentials organized and within reach.

While here are a few reasons why we love this board, you may want to know more about it here.

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MagEasy PHLDR holder

MagEasy Pholdr Cling-On Wallet kit

Now you can have the most comfortable viewing experience while having an organized workplace – truly the best of both worlds.

Its ergonomic design provides a healthy posture when viewing your phone at any angle so you can say goodbye to slouching and neck strains.
You can also use the cling-on wallet x phone stand separately from the Pholdr when you are on the go! You can use the wallet to keep your credit card or driving license.
*Available for customization in two colours.


LHiDS X HANHAN MagEasy Folio (A6)

This unique folio is a collaboration between Mageasy and Hanhan, an author who loves drawing cute animal characters in round and chubby shapes.
Like the Mageasy Folio, this folio has magnet modules you can use separately to organize your notes and items. It also comes with a calendar, to-do list, monthly and weekly planning templates that you can use to track your important tasks and meetings.
 For aspiring artists, the folio comes with a dotted grid, which you can use to unleash your creativity.

*Available for customization in four colours.

Gift a MagEasy for your next corporate event now!

We offer fast turnaround time and full design services on demand. Our MagEasy products are customizable upon your request and we have our very own in-house printing facility to fulfill your requirements on time.
Our clients include well-known global and local companies like LinkedIn, Levi's, Hilton, Changi Airport and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Be it for corporate branding initiatives, events or promotional activities, we can help you impress with customized corporate gifts on every occasion.
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