Great gifts for your boyfriend (that are perfect for you too!)

Make your bae’s X’mas extraordinary this year with these gifts he’ll love (and which you’d love to steal, or at least would come in handy for you too). Help him up his #OOTD game, stay organised on the go or simply sleep better… these finds are great for your guy, whichever his personality type.

For the guy who’s…

Inspector Gadget – minus the clumsiness: Mogics Power Bagel Travel Adapter V2

This “doughnut” will fit right in with your bae’s kit. With FIVE AC sockets and TWO USB ports in a tiny ring, the world’s first travel power strip and adaptor will keep his devices charged in style. Plus, the 92cm long rewindable cord means you’ll be able to charge your phone effortlessly in bed, whether you’re in a hotel or at home.

The Novus Lab; $64. Free delivery

Hot in bed: YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket With 100% Bamboo Viscose

Transform your SO’s nights with the talk of the Internet. The more luxurious version of Amazon’s bestselling weighted blanket, this comes in silky smooth 300 thread count bamboo viscose that’s anti-allergen and will keep a hot sleeper like him cool. No promises you won’t steal it, though.

Amazon; $364.56. Free delivery

Constantly on the move: Kablecard

Small, lightweight but mighty, this is the ultimate travel mate for your bae’s (and your) charging needs. An all-in-one cable organiser, wireless charger and SIM kit, it even reads memory cards AND doubles as a phone cradle – all in a slim credit card-sized package. The next time you need to swap out your SIM card while travelling, you know whom to look for. *wink*

The Novus Lab; $59. Free delivery

Always got a trick up his sleeve: Dax Wallet

Keep your man’s bulk to an absolute minimum with the ultimate cardholder. The world’s first cascading pull-tab wallet, this lightweight eyecatcher comes with RFID protection for up to five cards. Slim enough for his front pocket (and cool to boot), it’ll look good in his back pocket or yours too. No wonder it was fully funded six hours after its Kickstarter campaign was launched!

The Novus Lab; $19.95. Free delivery for orders above $50

Not to be sniffed at: Handcrafted Solid Cologne

Travel-friendly, spill-proof and small enough to fit into his pocket, these solid colognes come in scents ranging from fresh citrusy to wild and spicy. Long-lasting and easy on the nose (and your wallet), they’ll be his trusty sidekick for a night on the town or a day at the office. Plus, he’ll smell so good, you’ll keep wanting to hug him close.

Your Sustainable Store; $29.90 each + $2 delivery via SingPost

Mr Super-organised: Power Packer

Like an organisation genie, this capacious compact cable organiser conforms to any shape, and fits even bulky items like laptop chargers. Now, your man will be able to keep all his essentials in their proper places… and maybe even make space for some of yours!  

The Novus Lab; $54.90. Free delivery

Has it all: Clickpack Basic

What do you get for the man who’s got everything? Why, something to help him keep them safe, of course! Designed with protection in mind, it’s not just twice as strong as carbon fibre – it foils pickpockets, snatch thieves, identity thieves… and even the rain! Plus, it comes with an extra external charging port, so he can keep you juiced when you’re together.

The Novus Lab; $155. Free delivery

Strong in the Force: Samsung POWERbot StarWars Special Edition

Help your bae conquer his space (and yours too!). This robotic vacuum is smart enough to map the terrain on its own, and avoid obstacles like chairs and tables. Plus, it not just eliminates dirt and debris from even the most hard-to-reach places – it deep-cleans them too. Truly, with this, he’ll be able to claim, “My ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.” Or simply: “Darth Vader sucks”.  

Mega Discount Store; $788 for the Storm Trooper, $838 for Darth Vader

Got miles to go before bed: NIID X URBANATURE D1 Chest Bag

Sleek and stylish, this is perfect for both office and road warriors. It’s a mere 331g, but don’t underestimate it. This is no lightweight. It’s roomy enough for an iPad Mini or Kindle, an iPhone XS Max, wallet, keys, passport and earphones, with room to spare for your sunnies – all within an ultra-slim silhouette. What’s more, it’s also water- and scratch-resistant!

The Novus Lab; $109. Free delivery

Got it all: Couple’s Private Screenings

The best gifts are often memories, and what better memory than one shared cuddling over bubbles and nibbles? Throw in a good movie, huge screen – and absolutely no one else around, and you have the beginnings of the best X’mas ever.

Giftano; $294.25