Best Lightweight Phone Stands, Tablet Stands, And Laptop Stands in 2022

You may think that lightweight phone stands, tablet stands, and laptop stands will crumble under the pressure, but with advancements in manufacturing technology and discovery of new materials, that’s no longer the case.

Not only do they help you view your devices more comfortably but can be easily carried around without the unwanted bulk. We’ve rounded up several stands to help you find the best one to take with you on-the-go.

Invisible and Foldaway Phone Stands

Foldable 2 (¥2,480, approximately SGD31.75)

Foldable 2 manages to be ultra-light, thin and snazzy – perfect for those who want all the function and style in one package. It’s made of Kurotani Washi - high-quality mulberry that is 100% natural and a premium material in Japanese paper that has passed load tests. It’s the ultimate foldaway phone stand that manages to be lightweight, yet sturdy. Slip it into your pocket and you might just forget it’s there – weighing 17 grams with a thickness of 0.8mm, you can barely feel it.

The beauty of this material is that colourful and artistic designs that cannot be achieved on metallic phone stands, can be applied here. Beyond an invisible phone stand – make a fashion statement with designs that feature elegant Japanese apricot blooms and yellow globe flowers.

MOFT X Phone Stand ($32.90)

Weighing a mere 29 grams, the MOFT X Phone Stand is one of the lightest invisible phone stands that is classy and office-appropriate. It is designed with vertical viewing in mind - at the best viewing angle of 60° that provides the best comfort and ergonomics.

With a thinness of 5mm, you can barely feel it when you slip your phone into your pocket. The best part is that it only takes 1 sec to kick it up! Thanks to the fold-line on the back, this phone stand flattens and folds away completely without adding to the bulk of your phone. The removable glue lets you conveniently attach and detach from the stand your phone without leaving a single mark or scratch, while re-attaching with the same level of stickiness that can withstand the force of pulling and tearing. 

MOFT X Phone Stand - invisible phone stand


Adjustable Tablet Stands and Holders

Ugreen Adjustable Tablet Stand Holder ($13.88)

The Ugreen Adjustable Tablet Stand Holder stands out from other tablet holders at this unbeatable price point. At $13.88, it’s an absolute steal.

For those who like to travel light, this tablet stand holder measures 11.9 x 10.7 cm, making it easy to fold and slip into your pocket. Adjust it to your preferred viewing angle – it accommodates angles of 15 degrees to 100 degrees. Despite its small size, this tablet stand holder measures up to other tablet holders and iPad table stands – it can hold tablets that measure between 10.1 and 27.9 cm with a maximum thickness of 1.4 cm. 

Ugreen Adjustable Tablet Stand Holder - slim, light and portable


Rain Design iSlider iPad Table Stand ($68.73)

The Rain Design iSlider iPad Table Stand‘s stylish design will surely impress even the most critical Apple snobs. Measuring approximately 13.97 x 7.62 x 2.24 cm and weighing 213 grams, it is one of the most compact and lightweight iPad table stands on the market.

With a unique sliding design, this iPad table stand is easy to carry and pack away without added bulk. All you need to do is slide out its base, adjust to your preferred viewing or typing angle and place your iPad on it.

Its aluminum casing serves as a firm support and protection, while keeping it looking sleek. It is compatible with iPad Air, iPad mini and also all iPhone models in either landscape or portrait mode. It is also compatible with tablets and smartphones with less than 12 mm thickness.

Rain Design iSlider iPad Table Stand - compact and lightweight tablet ipad stand

MOFT X Combo Set ($99)

This Limited Edition MOFT X Combo Set includes

  • 1x Phone stand
  • 1x Tablet Stand Regular (9.7" screen)
  • 1x Tablet Stand Mini (7.9" screen)
  • 1x Magnetic Sticky Pad
  • 1x Apple Pencil Holder (charges the Apple Pencil 2 on-the-go)

It’s the best value-for-money set of iPad table stands with iPhone stand for those who have multiple electronic devices from Apple, but it also fits devices from other brands. The magnetic sticky pad provides versatility in the usage of the stands, allowing you to use your devices hands-free in your room, the car, while cooking or in the shower.

MOFT X Combo Set - slim, lightweight and invisible phone stands, laptop stands and tablet stands

Slim and Invisible Laptop Stands

MOFT Stand - The Invisible Laptop Stand ($34.90)

MOFT is the lightest, adjustable laptop stand that is designed perfectly for mobile working. It’s an ultra slim laptop stand that is fully adjustable for a healthy posture so you can work anywhere in comfort. It can be adjusted to two different angles, making it easy to find the ideal height and comfort for you.

The MOFT Laptop Stand acts as a natural, seamless attachment to your laptop, so those looking for a nondescript MacBook stand will be glad to know that it’s available in the colour Silver that matches your laptop perfectly. Weighing 2.3 oz with a thickness of only 1/9”, it is super lightweight and compact; however, that doesn’t take anything away from its sturdiness. This slim laptop stand is constructed with special PU and fiberglass material that is strong and stable enough to hold up to 18 lbs.


MOFT Stand - The Invisible Laptop Stand

Roost Adjustable Laptop Stand ($89.95)

Not only is the Roost Adjustable Laptop Stand incredibly lightweight at 164 grams, but it collapses into a compact bundle that fits into the small carrying case that accompanies it. This feature makes it the perfect laptop stand in Singapore for café hopping. It’s almost a MacBook stand equivalent of a MacBook Air – super light and portable.

Its nonslip feet keeps it firmly planted on the tabletop, so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging your laptop. Best of all, this adjustable laptop stand allows you to achieve a lift of 15 to 30 cm. This caters to tall people who prefer to view their laptop at eye-level.


Roost Adjustable Laptop Stand - slim and light
Roost Adjustable Laptop Stand - foldable stand

Your devices don't have to sit flat on your desk. With these lightweight stands, you can now keep your screens at eye level to reduce neck and back strain, while not contributing to the problem of shoulder pain that sometimes arises due to carrying a bag of heavy stands that add to the bulk of your devices. Browse our lightweight phone, tablet and laptop stand collections available here at The Novus Lab.