5 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Like You're On Holiday

Have you been forced to postpone or cancel your travel plans? If your wanderlust has you itching to get out of the country, here are 5 ideas to help you achieve those holiday vibes you’ve been missing – even in Singapore.

1. Dine at Sum Yi Tai

Experience the charms of Hong Kong in the 1980s at Sum Yi Tai.

With its crimson-lit gangland bar, decorative screens and rattans, Sum Yi Tai is sure to make you feel like you’re dining overseas.

Sip on a glass of whiskey as old-school Cantonese soundtracks play in the background in its 3-storey shophouse housed along Boon Tat Street.

2. Introduce some style into your bathroom

Whoever said you can’t luxe up your bathroom as the hotels do? A stylish bathroom doesn’t need to only belong in holiday resorts and hotels.

To start you off on recreating the ultimate hotel bathroom experience in your own home, here are three items you’ll need:

Deluxe Open Toe White Slippers ($16.40 after discount)

Made of white coral fleece and cotton, these fluffy, high quality white slippers are definitely a step up from those flimsy ones you sometimes get at hotels. They’re machine-washable so you don’t have to worry about them turning grey after a while.

TIC Oral Care and Razor Kit ($51.90)

This is an all-in-one solution to all the clutter on your bathroom counter. It contains your toothbrush (made of DuPont FDA-approved nylon), toothpaste, razor, gargle cup and mirror in a compact, portable kit.

The non-sticky micro-suction plate allows you to stick it anywhere in your bathroom - upgrading its functionality while not compromising on style.

TIC Skin Bottle V2 ($57.90)

Instead of fiddly little containers that are easily misplaced, all your skincare products are neatly organised into one chic and convenient bottle.

It also means not having to uncap a different bottle every time you use a different item in your skin regime. Just one push of a button and you’ll dispense what you need.

3. Visit the Asian Civilisations Museum

Did you know the Asian Civilisations Museum has seven galleries with more than two thousand artefacts on display from the civilisations of China, South-East Asia, South Asia and West Asia?

If that’s not enough to make you feel like you’re going back in time, check out their newest exhibition on Level 3, Materials & Design.

With its rotating displays of an extensive range of fashion and textiles, the Asian Civilisations Museum’s newest exhibition is sure to make you feel like you’re walking down the street in China, back during the late Qing dynasty when rules governing the dress code were challenged.

4. Go hiking on the Marang Trail of NParks

Challenge yourself on the Marang Trail while you’re still young and fit. With an elevation of seventy metres, it’s home to a variety of birds such as the Greater Racket-tailed Drongo.

As you surround yourself with lush greenery and the loud chirping of cicadas, it’s almost as if you’re on a hiking tour overseas.

While you’re on the trail trying to spot the Saga Tree, remember to take a practical, yet Instagram-worthy water bottle with you to brighten up those hiking selfies and hydrate yourself.😎

5. Set up your very own posh lounge (this is our editor's favourite😉)

A posh hotel lounge is a perk and something you look forward to when you’re on holiday. Why not set up your own?

Enjoy the comfort of a luxurious Tipi Lounge from Glamping City. Their DIY package will be delivered to your doorstep, complete with an instructional booklet to guide you along.

It includes movie screening equipment and the whole set up only takes 30 minutes. It’s a great activity to do with your loved ones as you get to spend quality time with them while avoiding the crowds at the movie theatres.

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