5 Instagrammable places you can use your $100 SingapoReDiscovers vouchers

Looking for ways to use your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers? Although they can’t be used at restaurants and bars or to pay for your shopping, you can still use them to enjoy an offbeat activity in Singapore and spruce up your Instagram account. Here are 5 Instagrammable places that you can use your vouchers at, to get people curious about where you are.

For the wildlife lovers

If you’re like most Singaporeans, you’ll probably sneer a little bit when people call Singapore the ‘Garden City’. After all, besides tourist attractions like Gardens by the Bay, most of Singapore consists of HDB flats, right?

If you’re tired of being in the concrete jungle day in and day out, why not take the opportunity to get out of it? With The Cycle Startup, you can use your vouchers to explore Singapore flora and fauna while staying active at the same time. Prices for The Cycle Startup's bike tours start at S$35 per person.

The Cycle Startup offers wildlife bike tours that allow you to see Punggol Park, Pasir Ris Beach, Lorong Halus and Coney Island with a fresh perspective. Keep your eyes peeled during the tour – you may just catch a glimpse of local wildlife such as otters, monitor lizards, and hornbills that you can feature on your Instagram Story.

5 Instagrammable Places You Can Use Your $100 SingapoRediscovers Vouchers - The Cycle Startup

Photo taken from The Cycle Startup. For more close-up photos of wildlife, check out their Instagram page

For the adventurers

Traverse obstacles at Forest Adventure, a treetop obstacle course that is suitable for all ages. There are three obstacle courses for you to choose from – the Kids Course, Junior Course and the Grand Course. Check out the prices for each course here.

A safety briefing will be conducted for everyone before you are even allowed to get on the course – trainers ensure that safety steps are easy to follow so that there is no risk of any nasty accidents. In addition to a live demonstration, every participant gets to manoeuvre their safety gear at the demonstration area to make sure that they are doubly sure of the steps they need to follow.

Situated at Bedok Reservoir, you get to enjoy the fresh air and surrounding greenery as you traverse the obstacle course leisurely. There is no time limit to complete it so you can take your time to go through each obstacle and of course, take the perfect selfie for your Instagram post.

For the unconventional

How often do you get a chance to scoot around the colourful streets of the Kampong Glam district in a Vespa sidecar without getting judged? Besides Kampong Glam, the 60-minute itinerary offered by Singapore Sidecars at $160/person lets you seek insta-worthy photo opportunities at Haji Lane, National Gallery, St Andrew’s Cathedral, side lanes with street art and quaint shophouses. The tour includes the Vespa sidecar, a driver, a helmet and raincoat just in case it starts drizzling.

If you don’t want to deal with the heat and humidity, opt for an evening ride to take photos of the beautiful Singapore skyline and the iconic Marina Bay Sands building.

5 Instagrammable Places You Can Use Your $100 SingapoRediscovers Vouchers - Singapore Sidecars

Photo taken from Singapore Sidecars

For those who seek tranquillity

If you just want to spend some time with your friends, while avoiding the hustle and bustle of the city, check out the kayak fishing tour at Kayak Fishing Fever. The tour lasts four hours and costs $129/person for a group of 4, and you can choose between ‘Easy Pace’ or ‘Mid Pace’ depending on your fitness level.

While you’re waiting for those groupers and snappers to bite, add to your collection of landscape photos on Instagram to wow your city-dweller friends.

5 Instagrammable Places You Can Use Your $100 SingapoRediscovers Vouchers - Kayak Fishing Fever

Photo taken from Kayak Fishing Fever

For the cultured foodie

Watch skilled artisans at work as you explore the rich heritage of the Peranakans on the Peranakan Food & Culture Experience Tour with Let's Go Tour Singapore. Besides learning how to cook delicious Peranakan dishes such as Sayur Lodeh, Rendang Ayam and Nasi Biru, you also get a chance to try on the traditional Peranakan costume and take photos with it on. Show off your figure and cooking skills to impress your Instagram followers while filling your tummy with Nonya food. Submit an enquiry form on their website for the price of this tour or check out other tours from $90/person.

5 Instagrammable Places You Can Use Your $100 SingapoRediscovers Vouchers - Let's Go Tour Singapore
Photo taken from Let's Go Tour Singapore


While using the SingapoRediscover Vouchers to offset the cost of hotel stays may appeal to some, it may be more worthwhile to use them to experience something new. Build lasting memories that you’ll treasure – while bumping up the likes on your Instagram.