Best Price Guarantee

Found a lower price elsewhere? No problem!
Our Best Price Guarantee means that you can be sure of buying at the best price on The Novus Lab.

How it Works

  • If you find a lower price for an identical item before your purchase is made on The Novus Lab, we will match the lower price with a discount code.
  • If you’ve bought an item at The Novus Lab, then found the identical item for less, we’ll match the price by refunding the difference in price. This includes in-store or online competitors.
  • Price matches may be requested at the time of purchase or within 24 hours after purchase. 

Terms & Conditions 

  • The price for an item must be listed and valid at the time of the Best Price Guarantee. We reserve the right to verify a competitor’s advertised price and the availability of the item. If The Novus Lab is not able to verify the lower price, we may decline the request.
  • The item must be the identical item, brand name, size, weight, colour, quantity and/or model number. It must be in stock at the time of Guarantee for approved online competitors.
  • Offers found on competitor’s websites will be validated at the competitor’s primary website and must meet all other price match criteria.
  • Please send a photo of the printed advertisement or show the online price or digital version of the ad from your phone. You may also email the link directly to The Novus Lab Customer Support. Original receipts or packing slips are required to be considered for the Best Price Guarantee.
  • The Novus Lab has the right to investigate all price match advertisements for proof of authenticity.
  • The Novus Lab reserves the right to limit price quantities of price matches per identical item per guest for local and/or online competitor matches.

Limitations & Exclusions

  • Items listed on competitor sites that are marked as bulk discount, clearance, closeout, liquidation sales, damaged, used, open package, refurbished, pre-owned, or rent/lease to own items, non-branded items, or prices that only display on a website after guests log in are excluded from the The Novus Lab’s Best Price Guarantee.
  • Pricing due to typographical errors, competitor doorbusters/lightning sales (including Amazon Prime Exclusive offers), coupon offers, promotional codes, credit card offers, gift card offers, financing, service offers, bundled offers, sales tax promotions, free items, rebates or mail-in offers are excluded from the The Novus Lab’s Best Price Guarantee.