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Featuring The Best Bike Mounts That Complement Your SP Connect Phone Cases!

  • Micro Bike Mount
  • Micro Stem Mount Alu
  • Handlebar Mount Pro

Easily navigate or use your other apps with our trusty bike mounts that guarantees to keep your phone secured and safe.

*Only compatible with the SP Connect Phone Case.


The Best Bike Mounts That Complement Your SP Connect Phone Cases

SP CONNECT BIKE MOUNTS micro bike mount

Micro Bike Mount

- Tool-less mounting on the handlebar/stem
- Option for portrait/landscape format
- For diameters of 22 - 42 mm

SP CONNECT BIKE MOUNTS micro stem mount alu

Micro Stem Mount Alu

- Low-profile stem cap attachment
- Lightweight aluminium

SP CONNECT BIKE MOUNTS handlebar mount pro

Handlebar Mount Pro

- CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware
- Lightweight construction
- Portrait / Landscape Orientation Option
- Fits standard and oversize handlebars
- For diameters: 1“ (25.4 mm), 1 1/4“ (31.8 mm), 1 3/8“ (35 mm)

Micro Bike Mount

The SP Connect™ MICRO BIKE MOUNT can be attached to any handlebar or stem with a diameter between 22 - 42mm (0.9 - 1.65 inches).

With this low-profile mount, your phone can be mounted in both horizontal or vertical orientation. Your smartphone can now safely be attached to your bike with a 90° turn. You can now easily navigate or use your other apps.

Micro Stem Mount Alu

The MICRO STEM MOUNT ALU provides a secure low-profile attachment option for your SP Connect™ Phone Case to the stem of your bike.

Just replace the stem cap of your bike with the MICRO STEM MOUNT ALU and you're ready to go. Your mobile phone is securely positioned right in the center of your vision, allowing you to use your apps, access your playlists, read messages or navigate while cycling.

Handlebar Mount Pro

Use the lightweight HANDLEBAR MOUNT PRO to mount your SP Connect™ Phone Case aerodynamically to your bike’s handlebar. Due to the outfront mounting your mobile phone will be securely positioned right in your field of vision, allowing you to navigate or access your playlists and other apps whilst riding.

It is a sleek looking yet robust mounting solution for your SP Connect™ Phone Case.

See What Our Users Have To Say

Micro Bike Mount

"Tool less mounting makes it easy to use on different bikes" - Bea

Micro Stem Mount Alu

"Phenomenal. This is a case of less is more. In one fell swoop SP Connect blows Quadlock and Rok Mount out of the water and does it for a 1/3 less $. The case is easy to engage, and kudos for making the mount out of machined aluminum. I can engage without looking at it. Completely intuitive. A+++" - Filippo

Handlebar Mount Pro

"I have been using the SP handlebar mount that came with my original kit till now. I really like the stability and clean look of the new Pro Handlebar mount. I also like the it places the phone (iPhone 12 Pro) further forward in the center of the handlebars. Having the phone handy during mountain bike rides is very handy for photo opportunities." - Eddie

What you will get:

SP CONNECT BIKE MOUNTS what you will getSP CONNECT BIKE MOUNTS what you will get

1 x Micro Bike Mount 
1 x Flat Adapter
1 x Round Adapter

SP CONNECT BIKE MOUNTS what you will get

1 x Micro Stem Mount
1 x Stem Cap Screw

SP CONNECT BIKE MOUNTS what you will get

1 x Handlebar Mount Pro
1 x Diameter Adapter
1 x Additional MicroRail
1 x Protective Film

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