MOFT X Tablet Stand (Grey)



The Most Adjustable Tablet Stand.

MOFT X tablet stand offers up to 6 angles for browsing, sketching and reading. Whether in portrait mode or landscape mode, you'll always get the perfect viewing experience.


MOFT X Tablet Stand (Grey)

Key Features:

  • 3 adjustable angles for both vertical and landscape viewing
  • Highly durable
  • Magnetic attachment charges Apple Pencil 2
  • Tilt function allows fast sharing of screen with others
  • Thinner than a regular case

The Most Adjustable Tablet Stand

Multiple Adjustable Angles

No one likes to look back and forth between your laptop and a tablet that is laid flat on the table.

To facilitate different tasks like reading and sketching, it props your tablet at 3 angles in portrait mode (25°, 40° and 60°) and 3 more angles in landscape mode (30°, 40° and 60°).

Fast Sharing of Screen

Sharing your screen on your tablet during a presentation can be done in just 1 second with its tilt function. 

The stand provides a versatile yet sturdy base that allows you to flip it to share your screen with a person who is sitting opposite you.

Communicating with others using your tablet is now faster and more elegant.

Highly Durable

To ensure the stand works with tablets of varying weights, we conducted several tests on its durability.

Use it with any tablet - it's built to last and won’t break!

Magnetic Attachment Charges Apple Pencil 2

To charge your Apple Pencil, just clip it to the case.

The reinforced magnet helps the pencil to stay firmly attached, while the sturdy material protects the fragile pencil tip & body.

It also charges the Apple Pencil 2 on-the-go.

Thinner Than a Regular Case



Not Compatible

What you will get
1x Tablet Stand (Grey) - Regular OR Mini

Abrasion-resistant PU (surface)
Deformation-resistant glass fibre (internal parts)
Manufactured with reusable and recyclable materials that are RoHS recognized in an ISO and bsci certified factory.

Regular Size:
Suitable for 9.7 - 13" tablets
210 x 150 x 3.7mm

Mini Size:
Suitable for 7.9" tablets
171 x 116 x 3.5mm